Of Meher Dhoon

Dhoon means tune, and I don’t know where this came from, but I suspect that it is from our Master himself. Bhauji loved Meher Dhoon, and in the celebratory gatherings that he engendered, this was usually sung and danced. In my opinion, when Meher Dhoon was sung and danced in the presence of Bhauji towards the end of his life, his personal presence was not different from that Meher Baba.

The first time I was really confronted by the power of Meher Dhoon to evoke the divine presence was at Delhi in 2011, at a celebration about the founding of the Meher Baba Center there, many years before. I was living at the Center, and well before dawn, lo and behold, the pitter-patter of little devotees’ feet had reached my ears. It was the legendary Meher dancers of Hamirpur (Hamirpur is a district in northern India that Meher Baba called “My Heart.”). These dancers go throughout India to dance anymore and they were on a roll in Delhi. By the time I came out, they were already outside the front of the Meher center, sort of dancing miscellaneously with each other, and the strains of Meher Dhoon and Baba Bhagavan were starting, gradually gradually, to be heard. But for decadent householders and westerners, chai was simply going to have to happen before this would catch fire. Absolutely.

Other dance photos from Khammam 2012: opening5.jpg, parade6.jpg, parade3.jpg.

This was the beginning of a pre-dawn procession through the streets of a thoroughly unsuspecting Delhi. By the time the sangha was properly woken up, portable icons of Meher Baba had been produced, and we moved out, and the singing and dancing became more vigorous at it went along. Those on the street besides us were on automatic pilot, people taking their morning walks and roadside vendors setting up. The procession stopped at major intersections, all the singing and dancing ceased, and the proclamations by completely bonzed-out bhakts began: “This is Meher Baba (pointing to the icon), and He is God, and He. Came. For. You. !!!” The audience was shocked by this pre-dawn news, and so was I. It was as if I had never heard this before, even me, who had been following Meher Baba since 1969.

I was also shocked by the power of the dancing in the procession, particularly when Meher Dhoon was the dhoon. And of course, being who I am, I could not help joining in. Before that I literally had never danced in India, and I did not know that I could dance with Indians or like Indians. The Hamirpur dancers, however, had no confusion about this at all. Afterwards, the lead dancers of the Hamirpur group, both male and female, came and found me, took my hands, looked me straight in the eyes, and said “Jai Baba” many times in a row to me.

Only Indians can do this kind of stuff. When the divine presence descends, all differences simply go out the window for them. These dancers are ordinary people. They have no power or authority of any kind, including spiritual authority, but they still can find and conduct God’s presence in their lives. This is true of the Indian people in general, and this capacity to love, and therefore find God, in immediate experience, is why Meher Baba took birth in India and why He said that India is the spiritual leader of the world. Not “should be” or “can be,” please. IS. India’s status as the spiritual leader of the world does not depend on anything that the government of India does, or on recognition from other countries or the world at large. That status is the result of the Indian peoples’ real and present love for God, expressed in everything they do and are. That love has always been there in India, and always will be there in India; it is inalienable.

So much for backstory, OK? Here’s the lyrics of Meher Dhoon. This is pure Sanskrit, the language of the Devas, so it is immediately intelligible throughout all the language groups in India:

Satchitanand, Paramaanand,
Meher Baba Vidyaanand,
Satchitanand, Paramaanand,
Meher Baba Vidyaanand,

Meher Baba Vidyaanand, Meher Baba Vidyaanand,
Meher Baba Vidyaanand, Meher Baba Vidyaanand.

An English translation of this would be something like:

Being-knowledge-bliss, Beyond Bliss,
Meher Baba, the Bliss of Knowledge
Being-knowledge-bliss, Beyond Bliss,
Meher Baba, the Bliss of Knowledge

Meher Baba, the Bliss of Knowledge, Meher Baba, the Bliss of Knowledge
Meher Baba, the Bliss of Knowledge, Meher Baba, the Bliss of Knowledge

From a perspective of understanding Meher Baba’s life and work, one thing that should be noticed here is a complete failure to mention Divine Power. One of the first things that I heard on arriving at Meher Baba’s Last Darshan in 1969 was “Meher Baba works through Knowledge.” And what is interesting about that focus, and the structure of Meher Dhoon, is that the current complete cultural double-bind of Meher Baba’s community at Meherabad has been the result of people who imagine that you can have bliss without knowledge, and even worse, that Meher Baba wants us to arrive at bliss by aborting our knowledge. The Hamipur dancers know better than this, I know better than this, and all of you at AMBPPCT who read me, and by this I do mean you Trustees, must also know this. Therefore I do hereby call you, Trustees of AMBPPCT all, to act on what you know, perhaps for the first time in your lives.

The dichotomy between the “Head” and the “Heart” which has been created throughout Mehernagar by idiotic self-appointed Dharma cops is a false dichotomy. The Sanskrit root chitta which we see, hear, and feel in Meher Dhoon, includes both what is called divisively “the Head,” together with what is called divisively called “the Heart.” Head and heart are one thing together. Meher Baba said as much, in God Speaks and elsewhere, “The heart is the depths of the mind.” Great love always produces great knowledge in its wake, because the nature of love is to increase conscious awareness, and therefore knowledge. Great knowledge always produces great love in its wake, because what the mind finally apprehends is a universe, or a process in consciousness, which could not have happened apart from a loving creator, and such love is contaigious. The infinitely loving Being, once fully apprehended by the mind, communicates His love to you. I know that because Bhauji did it to me.

Therefore, the notion that you can create or increase love by aborting or denying what you know is simply idiotic . Therefore, Trustees, together with the entire attempted leadership at Meherabad and Meherazad, stop your stupidity on this point this instant. Do it. !!!

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
08 Dec 14


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