Of Mehernath Kalchuri (02 Feb 15)

This old post: Of the Trust’s New Rules for Term and Age Limits for Trustees, which was highly critical and attitudinized about Mehernath Kalchuri, is starting to draw traffic, and I’m going to leave that post like it is for historical purposes, but I want to update with a statement about how I now view Mehernath.

This traffic to this post undoubtedly has reference to the fact that Mehernath stands for re-election as a Trustee next month. For the record, and for whatever it may be worth, I support Mehernath to be re-elected as a Trustee. I don’t know when the Chairmanship will be up for grabs, but whenever that happens, I will most definitely support Mehernath to be our Chairman as well.

Like his father Bhauji before him, and like yours truly, Mehernath sometimes does things which are polarizing, and in all three of our cases, those appearances have not, do not, and will not emanate from irresponsibility, unconsciousness, or ill will. They emanate from the fact that the world we live in and work in is Mayavic. At a certain level of power and influence, and at a certain level of responsibility in any role, a person becomes the target of the direct attacks of Maya (the universal power of delusion through which God created this world of duality).

Working under such Mayavic attacks, which cannot be avoided, and in particular, turning the Mayavic power of such attacks back on Maya herself to permit the attainment of any goal in the world, is a profound art. It is not exclusively a divine art, human beings can learn how to do it. Bhauji was a past master at this art, and Mehernath is way ahead of me in this art.

Any person who has leadership responsibilities in something like the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust will necessarily provoke such Mayavic attacks if they are actually accomplishing something real on the ground. All of this goes for our current Chairman as well. Therefore, all such people should be supported by default by the entire Community as a matter of course, as long as they are sincere. Mehernath is sincere. I put him through the most God-awful test of that that can be imagined, and he passed. My account of that test and how he passed can be found here: Mehernath’s Six Words.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai


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