Of “The Chats”

This is out of the record of the 9th Nov chat that arrived in my mailbox, now that my mailware has decided to be nice to me:

…Lemon Mummy (Betty) spoke with Mehernath about a Zoroastrian reception she had attended for the first time, musing about how different the flavor of the Avatar was each time He Manifested. She spoke about how Bhauji had planted a seed with his Chats.

“The seed of the Chat will continue to grow,” Mehernath responded, “because Baba had said that the whole world will come to know about Him!” …

I agree with Mehernath about this. The Community has a terminal case of “The Chats.” But for me the written record is enough. I don’t chat, but I appreciate having some clues after the fact of what went on. And believe me, the written word drips meaning everywhere for me, it’s all I need.

I’m on the Innernet, don’t you know? Even when Bhau was in the body, I had better information about what was actually going on with him than was available in the chats, and the same thing is true of me today, with respect to the whole Community.

Bhau planted the seed, and it’s something that we should all respect, honor and support. It’s part of his legacy, and it’s the most visible part, and by that very fact, the most superficial part. The faster it grows, the more unstable it is, and the faster it will decay. There’s a point that comes for every lover of God when more stories of the relationships that OTHER PEOPLE had with God do not suffice, and those people, who were precisely the ones most qualfied to keep it pure, will leave or die.

But what’s on the Innernet for me is real and it cannot decay. I’m an old soul, and in many ways like Bhau, I’m old, I’m cranky, I’m tired and I really, really want to go home. I’ve seen thousands of such efforts decay, and why should I do it again when I already have something that cannot decay?

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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