Proof that Meher Baba Threw. People. Out.

The following is excerpted from Lord Meher, p. 458-9.

TENSION had been building among the men because, for several days, the Master had written on the notice board:

Someone has committed a bad deed in the Manzil.

At first the Mandali took it as a general warning to all. However on the 4th of December (1922), they found an additional notice which disturbed them more:

Unless the culprit confesses his fault to me within three days, I will leave the Manzil. –Merwan

The mandali had misgivings and started questioning and accusing each other. Each, in his own way, tried to discover the transgressor, but failed. After two days, another notice appeared on the board:

Only one day remains for the culprit to admit his guilt; otherwise I will go away from the Manzil. –Merwan, Dec. 6, 1922.

All the mandali were distraught and dreading the consequences. Nervously, they discussed the matter among themselves throughout the day. Evening was approaching and the oppressive tension was unbearable. Would the Master carry out his threat? Who was this scoundrel who refused to come forward and admit his wrong? Would all have to be punished for his mistake?

As gloom hung over the Manzil as the stipulated period was about to expire, Meher Baba suddenly came storming down from his room. All wondered if he was leaving. However, he was hunting for someone. Like a lion, Baba pounced on Mahboob and catching hold of him accused, “Didn’t you commit an impure act?” Mahboob was shaking with fright but lied.

“No! … No? Aren’t you ashamed to lie to me?” At Baba’s describing the place and circumstances in which the act was done, naming the woman involved, Mahboob admitted his guilt. Baba spoke as if he had witnessed everything. Mahboob openly confessed that, while the Master and the mandali were away in Kaylan, he had had sexual intercourse with a low caste sweeper woman employed to clean the toilets.

Although Baba forgave Mahboob, he did not allow him to reside in the Manzil any longer. He sent him to Munshi Rahim’s house, and instructed Munji to find him a job in Bombay.

And of course, there is no Mandali of Meher Baba named Mahboob. He had been thrown out of Baba’s Circle for this infraction. Perhaps it should be mentioned that among many circles in India, this kind of sexual behavior is not even noticeable, although it is a major infraction in all major religions.

And here’s what I would like the Baba Nice Guys out there who didn’t believe that Meher Baba was capable of something like this to meditate on: Why didn’t Baba just take this individual aside and smooth the whole thing over, saying that he understood that the little slut undoubtedly had tempted him beyond endurance, and why didn’t he just take a couple of weeks off until the whole thing blew over?

Why did Baba have to not only throw this individual out of His Circle, but do it by spending a week terrorizing His entire Circle into a profound depression? This is rhetorical. I know why He did it, but I don’t think you’ll listen to me. I think you need to figure this one out on your own.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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