Raw Chat Transcript – 11 Sep 16

((Missourimc = Mother C – vshr))

Jai Baba All,

Here is the raw Baba family meeting transcript from Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016.

Meher Baba Worldwide Family Chat/Meeting
In the Spirit of Oneness
Originating from Meherabad
Sunday, 11th September 2016

Missourimc: ** Missourimc has joined the room …
Missourimc: ** Missourimc has joined the room …
Missourimc: Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!
Missourimc: This is Mother C Janice from Meherabad (not Missouri!) ready to transcribe.
Missourimc: We have a change from our announced guests today: our guests are sisters Meher Jyoti Kulshrestra of Lucknow, and Meher Mani – daughters of Keshav Narayan Nigam of Hamirpur.
Missourimc: Meher Jyoti
Missourimc: and her sister both had Baba’s darshan as young girls – their father Keshav was a freedom fighter/Indian independence – along with Pukar – before coming to know of Baba. Later he had the responsibility given by Baba to publish some of Bhau’s first books of ghazals. There is so much more! Meher Jyoti is also a wonderful singer – so it should be a wonderful chat throughout.
Missourimc: Here in the chatroom setting up are Joanna/Mother P4, Zahra, Judy, and Janice/Mother c – with Mohammed, Zahra’s son, as moral support! Welcome to Chat!
Missourimc: Our announced guest Ashok Ambulkar is ill with a virus, and Babadas is unable to come due to work…maybe another time!
Habib1: ** Habib1 has joined the room …
Missourimc: Meher Jyoti has arrived with three friends: Mumta, Jayshree of Lucknow, and
Habib1: Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!!
Habib1: Jai Baba Mother C.
Missourimc: We are about to begin!
Missourimc: Good morning Habib #1, Jai Baba!
Missourimc: Zah: Welcom to W Baba FAmily Meeting Chat, today Sept. 11 2016 in Meherabad, in Meher Colony, we are here with some very, very precious guests, I’d like to introduce the.
Habib1: no sound here
Missourimc: Jayshree from Lucknow, first time in our chat. Meher Jyoti, she is Wow! how can I talk about her, I really cannot say anything about her, so sweet, so precious, like the others, will talk about Keshave Narayan Nigam, her father, met Meher Baba at 8 years old, with father, publishing books, translating, she is wow!
Missourimc: The other lovely lady her name is Aunty Suman from Arvi, and other precious guest from Wardha, Mumta, we are so so happy to see them here.
Missourimc: We’re going to start our meeting chat with prayers, all religions prayers which we did in Bhaujio’s room and Bhauji’s chat, Baba always wanted them to bring together all prayers and religions like beads on one string, because He is behind all the religions. And then Meher Jyotic will bring out so many jewels!
Missourimc: we’ll stand or sit for prayers, whatever you like….(all stand)
Missourimc: OOOMMM
Missourimc: Our Father who art in Heaven
Missourimc: Namo arhiyanatam
Missourimc: Buddham Sharanam Gacchami
Missourimc: Hear O Israel…the Lord is One
Missourimc: Behoosht….Ahurumazada
Missourimc: Allahu akbar
Missourimc: Hari Paratma Allah Ahuramazda God Yezdan Hu
Missourimc: Zah: Please Meher Jyoti, start,
Missourimc: Meher Jyoti, would you begin with the song you sang before BAba?
Missourimc: MJ: I sang this song at Mehersthana, I don’t remember whether it was 1952 or 1954, but I sang it and I realized its meaning, simultanesoulay, after finishg it, BAba signed this: (circle sign of perfection)
Habib1: no sound
Missourimc: Meher Jyoti sings and plays dholak: Suman…O baraa…hamay oo baru totu be jani …jayga ha sata, hamay oo baru, Hanay ki bhakto, khodu mi sayam…kayan
Missourimc: any kar bhakto…harshar hamari…hisay ..to hum bi jani, bigara hi haay darsha hamari, isay hosa hay tari, hamay be taro to hum bi janai. Hara ahalya, kasha….oo tara
Missourimc: Pratap…hamaray Harmi say doho..isay o taru to hum bi jaane
Missourimc: hamay bi taro to hum bi bjaanae
Habib1: ** Habib1 has left the room …
Habib1: ** Habib1 has joined the room …
Missourimc: Harama hay kan mo pup tumara hay mo
SaiBabaOfShirdi: ** SaiBabaOfShirdi has joined the room …
Missourimc: Meher Jyoti Kulshresthra sings a song she sang for Baba at about age 8 —
Habib1: sound just came on
Missourimc: Judy asks her to repeat the song as sound was not turned on! (thanks Habib, sorry I did not see your comment – thanks for feedback always) —
Missourimc: Meher Jyoti and group sing the song again – Meher Jyoti says, “I am at your mercy!”
Missourimc: Group sings with Meher Jyoti leading, accompanying on dholak.
Missourimc: I was singing, and I was realizing its meaning, 8 years of 10 years old child, how can she know the meaning of this song?
Missourimc: What is the meaning: it is a challenge to Baba, that I have heard that you have liberated so many souls, and I will know your highest position I will realize if you liberate me, only then I will believe that you have liberated so many.
Missourimc: Tell us about your family:
Missourimc: My father is Keshave Narayan Nigam, whos is well known for his pooem Meher Chalisa.. He was born at a small distric in Hamirpur district, Mahewa
Missourimc: His father name Sr..lal Nigam, mother was meher sudaya, my father named her. Hewas devotee of Krishna and active
Missourimc: worker of independence movement with Gandhiji. (phone interruption). He was in India’s freedom struggle, with Gandhi, went to jail 2 times, heard about Baba’s name from Babadas, Baba’s mandali. My father’s reaction was a great repulsion he was very angry. K though, how can he be God? —
Missourimc: Babadas said he wa Lord Krishna. Keshav was furious, said if there is Avatar , it is Gandhi, doing so much, he is dongy (fake). Babadas gave him photo, my father threw it on street so people would walk on it!
Missourimc: He memorized Gia in jail, practicing Gita in his life according to teachings: honesty, truth, famous for thonesty all over Hamirpu district. Babadas gave Adi K. my father’s address, he sent circulars (Adi K sent) to Keshave. There were orders for lovers to obey. My father seeing stamp of Ahmednagar used to throw it in dustbin!
Missourimc: When is time came, that ciruclar, 1948 May, he opened it. There were two orders, don’t touch oppositie sex, and don’t take money. Sister was about 7 years old, used to sleep with my father, very much attached. My father through, whoever Meher Baba may be, these orders are very godd and I will do it.
Missourimc: They had to write a letter to Baba with signature, there is a hindrance, my daughter is about 7 years old, don’t know what I will do, I need your help. Keshave wrote. to Baba.
Missourimc: Then without applying, Keshave got a job offer, adn went to deny it, but when he went there, he accepted the offer. He came here, and Baba’s order period started. Mind you, my father asked help from Baba, how Baba is hleping him! Without my father accepting him….He is helping. Whole village …when leaving, one girl game, put tilak on his forehead, My father knew he was not to touch opposite sex, but allowed her to put tila on forehead, and then patted her on check. Knowing against order, he broke the order, and then gave money – broke both orders. Then went to join his job.
Missourimc: There from the hand with which he touched money and patted the girl, got a very painful abcess on the hand. So many medicines he tried, called my mother she could not come – she came only when that period was over. Then painful abcess….Baba helped him in this way, to obey him. At that time, I dont’ know if he realized at the time – but in his life story he knew…Baba said, don’t take orders of a Master lightly, you should take it seriously.
Missourimc: Book was delivered BPP, had book of Avatar by Jean Adriel. Again, my father very furious, this Avatar, what is he? He wants money – postmaster said, I can take it back, but some inspiration he read the book wrote to Baba, accepted him as Krishna, wrote to BAba, I want to translate thisinto Hindi. Baba gave his permission. Before this, Jean Adriel was telling Baba, I want this book to be translated, and Baba had said Wait, wait.
Missourimc: Then 30th August, 1949, more than one year after this circular and so, my father went to see Baba, Baa called him, He was planning to come to Hamirpur for darshan. So many other lovers had stories – there were indications my father had to play role of leader in Baba’s work. My father saw him on 1st Aug. 1949, more than one year after obeying Baba. Then the fire was lit,
Missourimc: telling us about Baba, in meantime “Meher Chalisa” was composed, people were coming to him. Keshave was writing daily to Baba, then Baba asked him not to write daily, but to write once a month. (laughter) Love kept on increasing, did not like job, was transferred from Rewa, then to Hamirpur as secretary of district Board.
Missourimc: One incident July 1949 Poona, Baba ordered lovers to keep silence one month, my father accepted the order, and mother. Case where he was to be a witness in a case,he went with attendant, but on silence. They had to change trains on the way, before the train stopped, my father’s attendant, crashed into milkman, whole milk spilled on platform.
Missourimc: Milkman beating attendant, my father could not speak, somehow my father clapped, separated him. Moved, then clashed with a lady, very furious, then Keshav – had orders not to touch money. That attendant had money. My father asked him somehow in silence, purchase ticket for next train. That fellow went and he did not come back. Father sitting in train, he was not there, father all alone with all his luggage, no one, silent, not even a single pie (penny) in his behalf.
Missourimc: But inspector was also going to Gatia, he came in that compartment, he knew my father and helped him to go to that place. And there m father gave winess in silence.
Missourimc: Baba was in seclusion, if you have read Baba’s literature, that was strickt seclusion July 1949, Keshave could not ask Baba, decided, whatever was very necessary for case he would speak, but otherwise silence. Everyone in court knew he was silent! Mother knew – how will he come back, my mother thought? That attendant had night blindness, disease cannot see in night, so he clashed with milkman and that lady.
Missourimc: Bal Natu in Glimpses of God Man. wrote Silent Master and Blind Servant.!
Missourimc: a very funny incident.
Missourimc: He returned back home safely, without breaking his silence, Baba’s help, everything okay. There are trials like this when we obey Baba, we have to have courage, you must have encouraged, even obeying Bhauji, how difficult to obey
Charlie: ** Charlie has joined the room …
Missourimc: Baba’s first visit to Hamirpur Nov. 1952, and so many meetings arranged, my father called them cocasionally to make plans for darshan, so many plans they went there.
Missourimc: In the whole of Hamirpur district, public darshans, it was during Fiery Free Life, accident at America, and in May, then gave public darshans, went to very remote areas. 21st Nov. had to go to Meherstahan, very small remote village, there Baba’s orders were: My residents should not be away from village, and not near the village.
Missourimc: And my Mandali should be near me – not very near, not very far. My father had to make arrangements according to Baba’s instruction. This Mehersthana, was said to be a ghost area – so villagers did not go there.
Missourimc: My father selected that! It was a small type, maun, outside, it was believed that ghosts lived there. He asked them to prepare a mud hut for Baba. When they made …from earth, I used to run and take those mud balls to the laborers. Someoen had to take…a small hill type..like Meherabad, not on earth level, not very high. So I participated in this work also, aged 8 years.
Missourimc: But I have seen Baba at Hamirpur, and after that came to Mehersthana and did this work. I am the middle sister, one elder, younger, at that time girls were in strict purdah, not walking in the streets like today.
SaiBabaOfShirdi: ** SaiBabaOfShirdi has joined the room …
Missourimc: My elder sister did not come out from home, younger sister home, but I was running after Baba, He was so beautiful, whereever He went, I was running after Him!
Missourimc: Where Baba was resting in the room, there were always ghazal and qwaali, so I climbed on the window and listened, when Mandali man came, I jumped down and ran,,when Mandali went to room up, I climbed back up.
Missourimc: Month of November, mud hut was still not dry, Baba came, and said, I have bodyache, it was cold in November, no door. Baba was sleeping there, but He liked it very much, He said, “My home.” Meherasthan, sthan means home. Baba….Hamirpur is my heart, Andhra my mind.
Missourimc: 23 Nov, Baba sitting inside, Baba was sitting peopel, what do you take me to be? what some said: high saint, Baa I wantto accept me as God, but I cant’. Baba said, okay, you accept me, but till you see someone greater than Me, you accept Me.
Missourimc: Baba very punctual and it was lunchtime, I thought I wouldn’t be asked. He left all the people, (my father) and asked Him. Keshave: It will take a long time, but it is your lunch time, then he recited Meher Chalisa, first time on Nov. 23 at Meherasthan. After that Baba said, It has touched my heart, whatever he has said in the poem Meher Chalisa, it is true. And whatever he has asked, I have given him. And you see, he has not asked for worldly things, he has asked for real things
Missourimc: Baba asked him, Have you composed this poem, Keshave said, No, you have composed it! Baba said, It has touched my heart. So much BAba asked for this Meher Chalisa, when anyone said they were from Hamirpur, Baba would say, You know Meher Chalisa? Recite.
Missourimc: When Baba dropped body, feet towards tomb, 2-3 steps, we would go down and touch feet, my father sat by Baba’s feet, and for the last time he recited for the last time – the recording of his voice is there – Meher Chalisa. It is very much impregnated with love. At that time he was suffering from Parkinson’s
Missourimc: but afterwards someoen recorded his Meher Chalisa, at that time his voice was not clear, he could not speak clearly. But Meher Chalisa is clear.
Missourimc: Whenever he gave talk about Baba, remembered all the names, foreign addresses, street addresses, everything. When we went, when did you come, where are you going? But wherever Baba was concerned…he remembered.
Missourimc: He visited Baba’s home in Poona, shouted AVatar Meher Baba Ki Jai! so clearly! We were very surprised to hear him like this.
Chickfeathers: ** Chickfeathers has joined the room …
Missourimc: Then in 1952, asked my father to accompany him to Andrah, Delhi, then in 1952, is was Ram Navmi day, Ram’s birthday, Baba called my father to him, gave him an appt. letter, gave him appointment letter as chief worker of Hamirpur District. Baba told him, you go everywhere, tell them, Baba has appointed me as Cheif Worker as appt. district. He was on 9 months probation period, if successful of doing Baba’s work according to Baba’s order
Missourimc: then he will be confirmed. What did he have to do? Keshave expressed this wish, I don’t like this job, I want to work for you…Baba said, wait, you wait.
Missourimc: Then in 1952, Keshave had to resign from the board because of his honesty, persons were very close friends, were all instrumental for his resignation. he resigned, then Baba appointed him Chief Worker of Hamirpur district, with probation period. What was the work he had to do?
Missourimc: To spread Baba’s message from village to village, this one or that, sometimes walking, sometimes bullock cart, whatever means were there. Those time messages: Highest of the High, no, whatevermessages at that time, he would give. After some time, he had to go to remote (Zahra brings Hindi Meher Chalisa)
Missourimc: to remote areas, in the morning he went, evening back to home. In the evening my youngest sister, daughter after my youngest sister, Sahil’s mother, she was very serious, my father came and she was hospitalized.
Missourimc: Next day my father had to go for long trip, many days, my sister died.
Missourimc: My father left her in the Jamna river, and then went straight to Baba’s for 15 days, had not to come back.
Missourimc: You see, daughter is dead, he just left her in the Jamna, went to Baba’s work.
Missourimc: When he came back after 15 days, my mother was so ill, that they admitted her in hospital, when he came, mother from this side, she went that side, hospitalized for 15 days in his absence. It was a great sacrifice on his part, leaving his dead daughter.
Missourimc: Baba called him, it was porbation period. He said, you have done my work 101% to my satisfaction! Baba confirmed.
Missourimc: Then comes 1954 visit, it was, Baba’s habit was to change His plans. He used to frequently change His plans.
Missourimc: BAba once said His program, He will enter from so and so. My father was chief worrker, had to arrange everything, home visits, then Baba changed his plans and it was for 15 days and He cut it to one week! My father had arranged already. Now where to cut?
Missourimc: The places? People will beat him! But he had to change, he had to obey Baba. Then , He will not enter from Hamirpur, but from Ichaura. You can well imagine what my father’s situation must have been. Previously Baba gave much time at Mehersthana, this time, no darshan at Mehersthana. When he fvisited Mahoba, stay here, Baba said, No, I will rest in my home in Mehersthana. No darshan, but I will rest. Here, father has said to villagers, you keep full arrangement, Baba will not give darshan
Missourimc: but you make full arrangement, in case. When Baba came, both sides, people were standing with foldied hands. So Baba asked my father: what is this? I said I will nto give darshan here? And these people? Father said: They know, you will not give darshan, they have come just to have a glimpse of you, and Baba was so pleased with this, Baba said, I will give darshan!
Missourimc: The village – how to arrange water? BAba was in car, sat there – there were berries – buckets of berries, and he gave them for prasad. He ahd said, I will not eat there. But called my mother, I am very hungry! Everything Baba changed – she made dal-chaval in half hour. You know Kitty’s brother Herbert Davy, he kleft Baba for this reason – Baba you change programs, you don’t know what to do!
Missourimc: Baba, instead of sleeping, there was night vigil, 9 pm to 4:30 pm, night vigil, singing, before 12:50, in midnight, Baba called my father and said. You don’t know what fortune I am going to give you.
Missourimc: Father said, How can I know. Then Baba spelled on His alphabet board, Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai! (makes gesture as if holding p board) Here declared – Sadguru said, mast said, but Baba idd not say, but as Meherstana he did 8 Februar – night of 12:50 pm 9th ^ 10th. Every year they held a night vigil, , after that I was Rama, I was Krishna, Ias was this I was that….after that messages Came Before that, Baba had not said.
Missourimc: There is story, Eruch Jessawala, Baba said, I was Rama, I was Krishna, Eruch was afraid, when He was young and moving so fast, He did not declare that I was Rama Krishna, but now that he has broken hip, how can he run. If we have to run, covered from threee sides, how will he run?
Missourimc: BAba used to pull his coat from the back, say with full force, say, I was Rama, I was Krishna! Such was position of Mandali, total acceptance.
Missourimc: Jud: What happened when your father had to cancel programs from villages 15 days that became 7.
Missourimc: MJ: you can imagin my father’s position, everyone angry, shouting with him, when you don’t obey my cheif workers, how will you obey me? Baba had to interfere.
Missourimc: Home visits, where to cut darshan, size where to cut, so re0arrangement, you can imagine what will happen.
Missourimc: When we used to come Gugurpasad for Baba’s darshan, my father used to reserve two or three bogeys, had to reserve whole train from Jhansi to Poona with 7 colored flag on engine. Baba’;s photo, very memorable.
MotherNamo: ** MotherNamo has joined the room …
Missourimc: We used to come here for darshan. (Pause for tape change). Meher J; my father’s life story is very effective. MP4 asks about free life, fiery free life, BAba has given these periods.
MotherNamo: ** MotherNamo has left the room …
MotherNamo: Jai Ho to Chat team and all present in Baba’s Love and Bhauji too

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