Raw Chat Transcript – 18 Sep 16

((Missourimc=Mother C – vshr))

Meher Baba Worldwide Family Chat/Meeting
In the Spirit of Oneness
Originating from Meherabad

Sunday, 18th September 2016

Missourimc: ** Missourimc has joined the room …

Missourimc: Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai! Our chat will begin at 5 pm – in about 45 minutes – with our special guest Naosherwan Nalavala and his wife Marrukh.

Missourimc: As most of you know, Naosherwan’s parents were followers of Meher Baba and he had his contact from a young age. He has written several books, published many more and is the editor of THE GLOW INTERNATIONAL

Missourimc: which has just celebrated its 50th anniversary!

Missourimc: He has also started Beloved Archives, sponsored by the Meher Baba Archival Foundation in New Jersey, USA.

Missourimc: Naosherwan will speak especially about The Glow International, Beloved Archives – and of course, his life with Baba. He invites questions from all around the world! Please send them by text or through Skype later, thanks!

Missourimc: (Sorry I have not succeeded in changing my temporary Chat log-on from Missouri – this is Janice-Mother C in Meherabad!)

Missourimc: Present on the Chat team today are our hostess Zahra, Mother P4 Joanna on webcast, Judy will be on archive camera and Skype, and Janice-Mother c typing.

Missourimc: Jai Meher Baba!

Chickfeathers: ** Chickfeathers has joined the room …

Missourimc: we are about to begin! Avatar Meher BAba Ki Jai!

Missourimc: Zah: Welcome to Worldwide Baba Family Meeting Chat – this week 18th Sept 2016, we are here in Meherabad again

Missourimc: and we have very precious guests, guess who, Nosherwan Nalavala and Marrukh Nalavala, really very happy they are here, accepted our invitation

Missourimc: A Little I will introduce them, Nosherwan met Baba because of his parents, many, many times, Mom devoted all her life to Baba, Marrukh – I don’t know if she met BAba, but she gave her life to Baa.

MotherNamo: ** MotherNamo has joined the room …

Missourimc: Nosherwan is editor of Glow International Magazine, some months ago they celebrated 50th anniversary, and also he is running Beloved Archives, he will tell us about it.

MotherNamo: ** MotherNamo has left the room …

Habib1: ** Habib1 has joined the room …

MotherNamo: ** MotherNamo has joined the room …

Missourimc: We’re going to start our chat today with all the prayers, as we did in Bhauji’s room daily, and Bhauji’s chat weekly, Baba’s wish to bring all the religions together as beads on one string, we’ll begin with all the prayers.

Missourimc: OOOM

Missourimc: OOOMMMM

Missourimc: OOOOOM

Habib1: Jai Baba All!

MotherNamo: Jai Ho to Chat Team and al chattees

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