Re: Bhau Update – 12 Jul 13

((Editing on 8 Feb 13 – When I was in Meherabad and Pondicherri on pilgrimage October last to January of this year (2014), there was a long-time Meherabad resident who was very close to Bhauji who told me on her own initiative that this rumour of Bhauji’s death was in fact deliberately started by someone whom she declined to mention. But I think that both of us knew that there is only one person close to Bhauji who would have done that – the duty omnidirectional liar, thug, and capo di tutti bottom-feeding scumbags: Bhauji’s idiot child extraordinaire, Motormouth Kalchuri. (You can hold the applause, OK? The returns are not all in on this individual’s final evaluation by the Meher Baba family at large). – vshr))

I’ve put the latest news on Bhauji from the Trust Compound in Ahmednagar in this page: Bhau – 12 Jul 13.

The mass hysteria in the greater Community about Bhauji having already died, mentioned therein by dear and wonderful Mother C, did not affect me except that somebody was searching this site for “Bhau has gone to Baba.” I looked around a little bit, and didn’t find any evidence of that, and as I’ve already written several times, it doesn’t feel to me like Bhau is ready to die. He’s ready to cause the kind of drama that simply makes his family crazy, and so be it. There’s really no need for the rest of the greater Meher Baba Community to participate in all of that extremism, thank you anyway.

In general, I think it has been a huge mistake to make an object of veneration out of Bhau Kalchuri. That was never Meher Baba’s intention for his Mandali. It’s different if you’re Indian and he’s your father. In that case your whole birth culture will consider you wierd if you do not venerate him. But Bhau’s service to Meher Baba was never about being somebody’s father. It was about being Meher Baba’s John the Beloved Disciple. Bhau’s family has NOT BEEN AN ASSET to him as one of Meher Baba’s Mandali; to the contrary, his family has been a huge burden to Bhau himself, as well as to Meher Baba, Meher Baba’s Community of devotees, and Meher Baba’s legacy in AMBPPCT going forward.

Bhau Kalchuri’s case is a medical impossibility. He continues to be alive only because he needs to finish his work as one of Meher Baba’s Mandali. In the meantime, mass hysteria in the Community about him, however sincere, is of no value to him in this task, or to anyone at all in general.

When Bhau is ready to die, I will know of it, because my relationship with him is not based on feelings, it’s based on percieved spirit-presence. And when he gets there, I will tell you.

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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