Re: My Bhau Health Update of 06 Oct 13, et. al.

Originally posted to Meher Chowk on October 7, 2013 – vshr))

The following is the text of a message about a session with Bhau on 06 Oct 13 that I posted to the Trust Medical Update list on the 7th, but apparently it did not make it past the moderator:

by Vishveshwar (Mike Pettingill)

I observed and interacted with Bhauji yesterday morning at Noble Hospital ICU from 9:10-10:45 AM, in a condition of “No Visitors,” having been asked by Tian, who had other committments, to fill in as her attendant.

Bhau was in severe distress, having trouble breathing. He attempted to remove his breathing tube several times while I was there, and had removed his feeding tube, in a moment when his attendant’s back was turned the previous evening. A Doctor was scheduled to re-insert it.

I had five (5) interactions with Bhauji in the midst of a lot of demonstrated distress by him, and a number of complicated procedures including the insertion of a new IV and turning him from one side to the other:

1. Being introduced to him. Bhauji recognized me and was happy to see me, and when I said that I was in India for six months, sadi “Good.” That is the only word besides “No” that he was able to utter the entire time I was there. Otherwise, he communicated by eyes, facial expressions, and hand gestures (who does that remind us of?).

2. I asked Bhau if I should massag his feet, and he indicated yes, so I did that for about a half an hour, and he seemed to enjoy it. I instinctively focused on the soles of his feet, sent\ding energy into the energy meridians which terminate there.

3. I asked Bhau if he wanted me to sing for him, and he nodded yes with a smile. So I sang “Begin the Beguine,” which blissed him out completely. I had sung that tone at yesterday’s morning aarti, immediately after stepping out of the car from Mumbai, and I was ready for him

4. In the middle of one of the hung procedures, I took his hand and just held it. He then opened his eyes, which were shut by default through all of this, and they werelit with appreciation. It’s clear that Bhauji just hates being in this condition, and but that he’s no where near being ready to die.

5. The thing that aroused the most vitality in Bhau, causing him to open his eyes wide in horror, was Sheela, who had arrived 45 minutes late, and so didn’t observe any of the above, cleaning Bhau’s nose with her electrical nos-hair clipping device. That’s when, besides shaking his head repeatedly in digust, he said “No” loudly. The hidden lurking lion had finally been provoked into showing itself.

Sheela had demonstrated, from the moment she walked in the door, just from body language, that she either disliked me, or had some overwhelming reason for not wanting me there. After doing Bhau’s nose with him, she said “can I talk to you” to her husband David Fenster, who had been on duty continuously since the previous evening, and left the room with him. I had a feeling that what was on Sheela’s mind was exactly me. So I then went and took Bhau’s hand and asked “How are you doing.” He indicated “OK.” I said “That was really BAD, Sheela doing your nose like that, wasn’t it?” He nodded yes very vigorously with a big smile.

Sheela then re-entered the room, and asked me to leave because there were too many people present. That was true, and since I was the junior person present, it was natural for me to be the one to go. But given her attitude in general, it was probably the end of the shortest of all possible Bhauji attendant careers. I continue to know and assert that Sheela is the best of all possible heads of Bhauji’s healthcare effort. I also know that transparency means reports from POVs that differ from those in charge, and nowhere is this more true than India as it currently exists. Hence this individually generated update.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai

In further Bhau news, it arrives from people who had been with him that the attempt to re-insert Bhau’s feeding tube made his breathing so erratic that he was placed in a respirator. I heard about that yesterday (07 Oct), but I am not sure exactly when this occurred, The feeding tube had been scheduled to be reinserted in the afternoon of the 6th. Today it arrived from the same sources that Bhau had been moved to Poona.

I will have much more to write in this connection, but for right now, I would like to give a warm and heartfelt “Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai! to Baba-lovers everywhere, and to assure all of you that I am healthy and safe. I have recieved the warmest reception that I’ve ever had in my life in Meherabad, from the entire community, from the top of the administration all the way down to riksha drivers. This most definitely means a sea-change in the entire institutional culture. I will write further about this later.

Sincerely, and Jai Meher Baba,


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