Remembering Pearl Harbor

Once again I have been prevented from enjoying myself in Honolulu by a whole series of dsyfuncions, and then I noticed that it is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on 07 Dec 41, and suddenly I understand. My guidance doesn’t want it. Somebody like me should not be on the streets of Honolulu on a day like this. I should stay on my proper seat reflecting on my whole tendency to create extreme political reactionism, and then I can write something conscious to my blog. Therefore, I have these very truncated observations downstream from Pearl Harbor:

1. WWII was in fact instigated by God in the form of Meher Baba. Here’s proof: Meher Baba Wants War.

2. America, for better or worse, is a warrior nation. The Father Of Our Country, George Washington, was a military general. He was a charismatic personality who gathered a group of priveleged and talented aristoctrats around him, but he was not a compromiser. He fought for the Truth he knew, a Truth which could include all and everyone he surveyed, and who he was forced to fight with, to that end, was not merely the British. The Continental Congress, the primitive predecessor of today’s US Congress, was the hotbed of Utopian idealists who just didn’t get that if you can’t defend yourself and your ideals, whatever those happen to be, you WILL be dead. It was the titanic resolve, vision, and persistence of George Washington that forced through that collection of irresponsible fools a national Covenant that was not only consistent with what they said they wanted, but capable of being administered and defended by actual human beings on the ground, and that was the greater war. It was that victory over perpetually compromising foolishness that got Good ol’ George Washington recognized to be what he in fact was: The. Father. Of. Our. Country, Amen.

The reason I recite this is that I think that most human beings on this planet right now, including most residents of Hawaii and most responsible individuals in the “Great Game” of geopolitics, don’t really get where America’s current overwhelming military dominance comes from. The consensus of ignorance tends to be that we’re simply violent by nature. Wrong. This is not about violence. It is about the ablity to defend who you are. It wasn’t George Washington’s fault that the world at large, both in the overwheming military supremacy of the British Empire abroad, and the overwhelming idiocy of Utopian fools at home, forced him to fight for a new system of government that he knew very well would be of benefit to all, and that he alone was empowered by God to crystallize out of all the despotism and ideological chaos that surrounded him.

To be American is to be ready to fight for our way of life. The forces of despotism and ideological idiocy and foolishness that confront us today are not significally less or different from what they were in the times of The Father Of Our Country. Those who don’t understand this can be carried forward by those who do understand and so act, that’s part of our greatness as a nation, but let no one therefore misunderstand why we so act as a whole nation. This is who we are; it’s an inalienable part of our national genetic code, this is from our Father in any sense in which you might want to percieve such a debt, literally including the traditional Chinese Confucianist sense.

3. China, just having stood up, is now demonstrating the same kinds of extremism that Japan demonstrated when it had just stood up. In Japan’s case, those extremisms led directly to Pearl Harbor. I hope that this is the last thing I will ever feel called on to write in China’s case on this issue. Pre-WWII Japan was a dictatorial militarist monarchy. Current China still has shreds of Mao Zedong’s democratic ideals left, and I hope that those shreds will prevail over the militarist tendencies of Xi Jinping. Mao Zedong is the Father of China in the same sense that George Washington is our Father. If both sides remember the words of their respective Fathers, the Allied Powers what am won’t be forced to occupy and partition China, to prevent an attempt, by Chinese Fascists, to take over the world.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar


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