Riff of 08 Nov 13

((Originally posted on Meher Chowk on November 8, 2013 – vshr))

From the Meherabad Dhuni of 12 Oct. 13

The deserted mosque in Imampur, where Meher Baba stayed with his small remaining company of men towards the end of the New life, right before going to Meherazad. (1951).

This white horse mysteriously appeared and disappeared in outer Meherabad, between the Samadhi and MPR. When I first saw it, it had confined itself by wrapping its long tether around that bush by walking clockwise around it repeatedly. This horse represents the Avatar, and it’s an omen. It signiofies the calm before the storm of his Manifestation.

This year’s Divali lights at MPR did not have the glory of former years. These lights are along the portico in front of the office at the entrance. The two chalk designs above appeared in front of the sevants’ meeting room.

This is the bell used to call the residents at MPR. That diagonal lowered path to the right is between the mens’ and womens’ wings, and it points straight to the Samadhi. That is a neem tree, which was beloved of one of Meher Baba’s gurus, Hazrat Bajan, and of Meher Baba himself. It has medicinal and antiseptic qualities. Every part of the tree is extremely bitter, and it has a bright spirit-presence. Since it came into Meher Baba’s hands, this has become the dominant tree in upper and lower Meherabad.

Part of one of the huge propaganda photos that appeared at a party for Bhauji several days after his funeral. Saint Bhauji? Sorry folks, dead wrong. Bhau was an Apostle, and the opinions of Catholics notwithstanding, members of the Avatar’s Circle do not become saints. They may or may not be spiritually advanced, but in any case, they are veiled by their Master for his work, and they become God realized, at or somewhat before their death. In my opinion, Bhau Kalcuri was a full-blown Mahasiddha before Meher Baba veiled him for his work, but he never was a functioning Saint in this life.

The apocalypic image of Meher Baba that hangs in Mandali Hall, Meherazad. Before this Avataric Advent is over, every human being will have been forced to choose between God’s light, and the pervasive destructive darkness that is the automatic byproduct of the human mass mind in the course of evolution.

Another image of Meher Baba that hangs in Mandali Hall, Meherabad.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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