Setting the Record Straight; Beginning the 3rd Post-Bhauji Vrat

Late on the night of Friday 12 Dec and early on the morning of Saturday 13 Dec, over a period of some three continuous hours, some individual logging on from America hit this site 81 times, hitting well over 70 different pages in a row, a behavior that I’ve never seen before. One of the few things she didn’t hit was this page: Dream Direction From Manija, posted on St. Patrick’s Day, 2014. Since that dream from Mani, I have been a monthly contributor to the Trust’s “Corpus” fund, and I send my contribution directly to India, and get a receipt back from the Chairman’s office every month. When I give, it’s 70% duty and 30% love, but what I get back from the Trust is 100% love, and I appreciate that. The Mahayana Buddhist teaching about giving is that we give because it stabilizes our karma and frees us, and that has been true for me. Suddenly I find myself running a monthly surplus, even with this added on extra expense, and I really don’t know exactly where it’s coming from, except I think I learned how to eat better with less money. I’m going to increase my contribution amount because this surplus is embarrassing. It could drive up my rent if I don’t get rid of it.

An Open Letter to the Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust

My final and summary criticism of AMBPPCT and the community culture at Meherabad is present in a recent addition to this post: It’s Time for some Straight Talk around Ahmednagar (16 Mar 13). I will not write any more criticism, but this criticism and my other critical statements elsewhere will stand unless and until there is effective action to resolve these crippling issues. That means critical personnel changes and the publishing of the disposition of the Trust’s assets and the history of the transfers of real assets in and out of Trust ownership. Please do not mistake my intention, gentlemen. I have carried forward Bodhisattva Vows which still remain unbroken a thousand years later. It is futile for you passively, and also quite miserably I believe, to lurk there in such hallowed halls, and with such consummate guile, and with such witless, gutless and feckless demeanors, albeit still instinct with Bharat Mata’s aura of charm since beginningless time, until, you imagine, you will by all of this so, so precious indirection, force me to shut up or go away without getting results in an issue like this that I care about. Wrong.

The misrepresentation of the entire nature of Meher Baba’s Advent by the corrupted community culture at Meher Baba’s central sacred sites is not simply an insult and an outrage which derails Meher Baba’s Manifestation for the planet at large, it is also a direct insult and offense to me personally, because of my love for Meher Baba, and the extent of my entire relationship with Him, which has long since gone far past mere love. I guarantee you that I will die before I will take down these criticisms, if you do not act effectively in these issues that I have raised, and that have been repeatedly raised by others throughout the larger Community for decades.

You are forcing me to do your jobs for you, gentlemen, and in fact I do not mind doing them. But there is this little matter of your personal reputations. I am read by the the entire planet anymore, and my traffic numbers go up and down due to things like the 40-day vrat that I began after Morning Aarti today, but the planetary consciousness of your continued failure to act in critical issues in the general case, with the stubbornness and depth of that failure being directly proportional to the importance of the critical issue on which you have failed to act, can only continue to grow from now on unless and until you settle on these critical issues with our Master, yourselves, the Community, the world, and me. The longer this stubborn and thoroughly irresponsible passivity on your part goes on, the worse the personal effects will be for you when you finally are forced to act, perhaps by the Indian government. I’ve given you fair warning. This is my last word to you about this.

It was our erstwhile Chairman Shridar Kelkar, who publicly noted, in the quarterly In His Service newlsletter, archived in this document: AMBPPCT Financial Report — 1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014 that donations and the financial health of the Trust has been declining since 2009. What happened to start this slippery slide in 2009? What happened was exactly Erico Nadel’s brutal, and still unsolved, murder in Meher Colony during Ganeshatov 2009. Five years, Gentlemen! Five years is an awful long time to stick all of your heads and all of your thumbs all the way up and pretend that a murder on Trust land never happened. Mehernath Kalchuri, in fact, had nothing to do with either that murder or its subsequent coverup. It was Heather Nadel, Erico’s wife, who has covered up the murder, and then shifted the blame for the coverup to Mehernath, almost certainly in cooperation with Gary Kliner and his 1,000-member secret Facebook mung-job. How do I know that if I’m not a member of it? Hey, let’s get real about some of what actually transpires, for the first time in all of our lives, OK? In a community which lives, eats, sleeps, breathes, and shits only to pace and give context to backbiting sessions, what can possibly happen in a secret Facebook group but exactly backbiting?

Heather was the perpetrator of the coverup because she was so terminally traumatized by being nearly beaten to death in bed with her husband Erico in the same criminal incident that killed him, that she has been protecting her victimizer ever since. In the prosecution of that agenda, she had me evicted from MPR last year, and caused Laura Darnell to be fired from her job as Bhau’s attendant several years previously. Both of those incidents occurred immediately after I merely brought up the subject of her husband’s murder, last year in a blog post, and in Laura’s case in an email to Bhau about a marriage that he wanted between Laura and I. In that case, Heather attacked Laura but not me directly because Laura was in India, and I was in Hawaii at the time. I know that Heather acted to initiate both of those unfair and discriminatory actions, and by doing so, abused her power as a Trustee. There have undoubtedly been many other such incidents that I do not know about. Heather Nadel has used her history as a victim of violence as an excuse to victimize others administratively, abusing her authority as a Trustee to that end. She should be removed as a Trustee, for violations of the ethical code, and for being incapable of the gravitas that Trustees must demonstrate in their decisions behalf of the Trust and Meher Baba directly, due to the extent of mental trauma induced by severe and disabling blows to the head, administered by several thugs using iron bars, while she lay asleep with her husband, who was at that time similarly beaten with equal or greater severity, with the result that he later died in the hospital.

It’s time to put the pieces back together after the trauma of Bhauji’s passing, gentlemen, so that the Trust’s operations can begin a new era of health and growth. First item on our agenda: get Erico Nadel’s 2009 Ganeshatov murder solved by the police, so that local Indians, transient Indians, and pilgrims to Meherabad all know that westerners have the protection of the law throughout the Ahmednagar District. Nothing will turn around, in any area, until that’s taken care of. Next item: coming clean about the current disposition and history of transfers of real assets. When that’s done, it will re-establish the Trust’s standing among donors woldwide.

Oh, and hey, I almost forgot: I’m getting my mind out of the Chinese language and the Chinese cultural sphere of influence, probably for good. What I will study for the duration of this vrat, which will last from today to Amartithi, is the Marathi language. There’s an online Marathi language learning service, and over I year ago I signed up for it, but then didn’t actually study the language. But they kept sending me examples of conversational Marathi, and I stashed all of them in my mail account, and now I will go through them and learn them, and start generalizing from them. My Chinese language studies were for the purpose of accessing a deep layer of my mind and heart which spoke only Chinese, and that growth process has been completed.

During this vrat, I will not go online except for some maintenance chores like checking email and moderating comments.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar
Mani’s Birthday, 15 Dec 14


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