Shiva Fanakar* = Meher Baba’s Manifestation (20 Jun 13)

Above: this outstanding image of Lord Shiva, in the middle of a rampant Ganga Mata in flood at Rishikesh, shows his real power. Ganga Mata literally springs from the head of the blissful Lord, but he himself, rising out of her, Who is his own power, in the act of destroying the entire upper Gangese pilgrim scene, remains unmoved. Shiva Maheshvara is the Lord of the Dance precisely because, in the midst of his Dance, by which the limitations of the illusory world are destroyed, his concentration remains unbroken. Human renunciates who belong to Lord Shiva can become Mahasiddhas, and hold this same power. It is gained through meditation secondary to final renunciation of all human desires.

*Fanakar – Persian for The. Destroyer.

Ref: The Sydney Herald, 10 Jun 13

((editing on 07 Nov 14 – I don’t like that this post has been getting a lot of traffic, because my view of both Lord Shiva and Mahasiddhas was primitive when I wrote it. This external drama of Lord Shiva is just that – a lot of tamasha. The upper Ganges routinely attracts spiritual fakes and parasites from around India and the planet, and so God, in His aspect of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer, periodically washes it clean. Next problem please.

The Mahasiddhas that actually appear in this time are unlikely to hang out in the company of all those parasites and fakes that habitually frequent the upper Ganges. I know that because I met one. His name was Bahu Kalchuri. He lived in the Meher Baba Trust Compound in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The tamasha that Bhau maintained absolute concentration in the midst of was a storm of stupidity, treachery, back-biting, feigned sincerity, vicious lies, false love, honeyed contempt, inept help, and a whole series of diseases that gradually destroyed his body over many years. And the value of that kind of tamasha, and that kind of concentration, is that it made him available to bona fide pilgrims who could value him and recieve what he had to give. They came from around the globe and from all walks of life and from virtually every ethnicity on earth, and I was one of them.

Yes, the Mahasiddhas are always with us. God knows that without them there would be absolutely no hope for us at all, so in His infinite mercy and compassion, He always sends them. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” And the student that is ready for a real Mahasiddha NEVER wastes his or her life going to the upper Ganges. Never! -vshr))

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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