Stop Rape by Strict Law

((Editing on 2 Feb 14: It’s interesting that what I wrote here, before even leaving Hawaii to attend Bhauji’s death in October of 2013, was bourne out in the subsequent attack of the duty Meherbad slimebag (Motormouth Kalchuri), and one of the more evil bottom-feeding bitches that has ever existed, a member of his family. That lady undoubtedly imagines herself to be an emanation of Durga. That lady is what I called her in *When does its Tail Stop Twitching*, q. v., (on the main “From Meher Chowk” page) a rakshasi, that is to say, a female demon, and a fitting consort to the demonic creature named Motormouth.

Durga is the protectress of Mother India, and although she literally loves to tear the living entrails of her victims out and eat them on the spot, the effect of her violence is always peaceful, because she only attack evil-doers. I am privileged to have Mother Durga as one of my protector dieties, this is one of the results of the precious name Vishveshwar that was given me by the late great Bhau Kalchuri. It was Durga Mata’s protection that led the Indian people at large to protect me from the duty Ahmednagar rakshasa and his consort, and the same will be true when I return to India as usual in Ganeshotav this fall, but by that time such protection will be more assumed and upfront. This is all by Meher Baba’s will; left to my own devices, I could not have enacted a single stroke of it, nor could so act again in the future. – vshr))

Yesterday Hawaii time ((late September 2013 -vshr)), India was celebrating the death sentence of the four remaining perpetrators of the brutal gang-rape and pre-meditated murder of a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern on a moving bus in New Delhi last December. One of the original five adults committed suicide before he could come to trial. In “fast track” judicial processing, it took all of nine months to reach a verdict, and the death sentence was in doubt until the judge actually spoke the words.

Click image to enlarge. This is suitable for wallpaper.

It’s easy to forget, due to the spawn of unethical Hindutva clowns that have dominated Bharat Mata in recent decades, and the one unethical Hindutva clown that has dominated AMBPPCT in recent decades, that India has always been as matriarchical as she is patriarchical. And yes, India takes the feminine pronoun, even in English. Other people can have father lands, but Indians only can have Bharat Mata, Mother India.

India’s protector diety is Durga Mata, the destroying mother. Durga is also one of my protector dieties. That’s why I’m not afraid of the one unethical Hindutva clown called Motormouth Kalchuri. It doesn’t matter how many sluts and thugs he hires with black money, or terrorizes into compliance with him by threatening to take their visas. The ground that all of them walk on belongs to my protector diety.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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