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Comments on the 48th Amartithi Web-Stream (2017)

Unlike last year, I did not get a spike in traffic from this. I think the Trust did a much better job of publicizing it, and also I think people could hit the Youtube site without going through this blog … Continue reading

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A Couple of Graphics from the Current Snail Mail Trust Newsletter

Meher English School is one of the beneficiaries of my monthly contributions to the Trust, and what’s amazing to me about this shot is how Hawaiian it looks. Almost every face you see here could be Polynesian, and the scattered … Continue reading

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Extending the Current Vrat to 19 Oct 14

I had thought in designing this period of seclusion that I could reduce the time from the previous 40 days to 30 days in this case, and I thought wrong. I need the extra 10 days to complete my translation … Continue reading

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