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Post Mortem on the Amartithi Live Broadcast

A couple of vintage Usual. Meherabad. Suspects. hit the stage at Amartithi 2016. Ted Judson, right, one of my favorite human beings, is an architect and folk singer. He has been responsible for the great majority of the beautiful world-class … Continue reading

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Fresh News (July 2014) from Andhra Pradesh

Much thanks to Mother P4 for this, which was posted by that stellar team at Bhaulist: A Journey to Baba Centers in Andhra, India 25th – 28th July 2014 By Mother P4/ (Joanna) Mehernath Kalchuri (Bhau’s son), Mehernath’s wife, Raj, … Continue reading

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Mehernath’s Six Words

I was lapsed from the Indian Meher Baba community from the early ’80’s until my return on pilgrimage in 2010, almost 30 years. When I came back, I was shocked by the cultural and ethical degeneration of the Avatar Meher … Continue reading

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Blogging and Life Changes Going Forward

I have just purged this blog of a whole raft of inappropriate and frivilous material including all the material which was offensive to Mehernath Kalchuri. the bottom line about Mehernath with me anymore is that I find that he has … Continue reading

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Of the Trust’s New Rules for Term and Age Limits for Trustees

I have archived the whole text of this excellent document, which was published in AMBPPCT’s January snail mail newsletter, here: Term and Age Limits on Trustees – AMBPPCT Frankly, I never expected anything this radical out of them. It's a … Continue reading

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On Once More Being Saved by God

(This is being posted from Incheon Airport, South Korea, en route to Hawaii – vshr) By God’s grace I went, By God’s grace I came, For what went on between There’s but God to blame. I would like to thank … Continue reading

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