The 20 Conditions for Begging, 18 Dec 1949

New Life Circular #2, p.7:

On the morning of December 18th, Baba finalised the begging conditions which run as follows:—

(1) We have to beg only for food for individuals and for the whole party of 20 members and not for anything else.

(2) In begging for food, we have to accept anything and everything offered—solid, liquid, cooked, raw, vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

(3) We should not ask for any particular or special kind of food.

(4) In begging for food, we can persuade, request and if necessary, impress by spiritual and moral talks.

(5) We should however say and impress that we are not spiritually perfect nor have we any spiritual experience, but only what we say spiritual or moral is what we understand to be right.

(6) We should not talk about Baba as Master, Sadguru or Avatar and we as his disciples; but only to refer to Baba and ourselves as companions.

(7) We should not lie nor do anything that goes against the conditions.

(8) We can talk to women and girls, if necessary, only for begging or buying purposes.

(9) We cannot steal or kill for satisfying our hunger.

(10) Without pre-arrangement, we can take advantage of friends, acquaintances and relations who happen to be on our routes and even by suggestions according to Baba’s instructions, if and when such occasions arise.

(11) Without asking but when offered we can accept ready made and unstitched clothing and wearing apparels of all kinds, cotton and woolen.

(12) When offered we cannot accept money, shoes, hats, caps, pens, utensils, toilet accessories, watches, jewels, belts, specks, dentures and medicines.

(13) Food and clothing and any of the above mentioned acceptable things when received should first be brought to Baba.

(14) You the takers and they the givers must definitely understand it as bhiksha.

(15) Fodder, ropes, iron-shoes for bullocks, and everything relating to animals and carts can be asked for and accepted as bhiksha.

(16) We cannot accept any animal if offered.

(17) Fuel in any form can be asked for and accepted as bhiksha.

(18) Without restrictions like before, begging can now be done from shops, private houses, Ashrams, Sadavarts, etc. etc.

(19) Tobacco in any form can be accepted if offered without asking.

(20) We can beg for accommodation and conveyance.


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