The Boston Marathon Massacre was part of Meher Baba’s Manifestation (23 Apr 13)

They came from places that nobody can even pronounce, with a whole cast of supporting characters from their extended family, and they Shut. Down. Boston. in its entirety for a week with their all-new, all-macho, and all-politically-correct horror show. The two doting parents are delusionary. The eldest child and designated homebrew Jihadist Mastermind is also the designated family black sheep. His mother named him Tamerlane after the only despotic conqueror in Central Asian history who was more brutal than Ghenghis Khan. The last person this guy talks to on his cell phone before walking into a wall of police firepower and probably being run over by his younger brother with a black hijacked SUV so he couldn’t be taken alive, is exactly the mother who did this to him. His message? “I love you, Mom.”

Before any of that end-game came about, some of the saner members of the family tried to warn the Russian government that Tamerlan was bad news, and the Russian government tried to warn the FBI, but the whole story was so wild that nobody could believe it, let alone act on it, and the result was the worst act of terror in America since 9/11.

Although the surviving younger brother Jokar succeeded in killing his elder sibling with a vehicle in the fire-fight with the cops, he failed to kill himself as per the previous suicide pact with his elder sibling. All he did was to mute himself by shooting himself through the neck, with the result that the cops can’t interrogate the only remaining witness to Tamerlan’s precious “motives,” which still remain “unclear.” Then a federal magistrate disagrees with the cops’ attempt to even try to find that out so she reads the hospitalized suspect his Miranda rights and provides a lawyer. The first act of that lawyer is to request that two death penalty laywers be assigned to the case, and the court is recessed until the end of May.

Jokar, a naturalized American citizen, is unlikely to ever be convicted of anything because the evidence against him is circumstantial. Although there were witness to the vehicular murder of his brother, those witnesses were cops who were actively trying to gun down both brothers at the time, and no American jury is likely to believe them. Meanwhile, Jokar is morphing into the new world teacher known to his devotees as “Jokarmuni Buddha” before our very eyes. On the day after the Marathon bombing of which he was later accused, Jokar, 19, went to classes as per usual and was universally observed to be “relaxed.” It is abundantly clear to the young Americans of his cohort that Jokar is nothing if not kewl, and that in the world that they’re now livng in, kewl is as good as it ever gets.

Meanwhile, back at hate-ville aka the American right wing, it is clear that every single stroke of all this is a “Liberal consipiracy.” All this proves to them is that everyone is evil but them. Everyone. The federal judiciary, the FBI, the Obama administration, all immigrants, all Muslims, all Russians, all of the members of the endlessly stupid little ethnic splinter groups that are constantly fleeing to America from the perfectly abyssmal cultural and ideological basket-case called Russia, all people from places that we can’t pronounce, but most especially all Liberals, when Liberal includes all Americans but gun-totin’ Jesus-lovin’ turf-stompin’, free, white, prejudiced, ugly, loud, dirty, fat, stupid, violent, and thoroughly offensive American bubbas.

It was Meher Baba who predicted all of this when he said “They won’t even know what they’re fighting about.”

Jai Jai Meher,
Viveshwar Bodhisattva


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