The Conditions of Meher Baba’s New Life, aka the Buddhism of Meher Baba

These conditions were given in a final meeting (Lord Meher p. 3408 ff) held in Meherabad on August 31, 1949. Just previous to this, Meher Baba had divested himself of literally all property and obligations to support others financially. He was free to live as a wandering beggar with selected companions, and that is what he proceeded, very systematically, to do.

As I write, it is August 8, 2013. I was born in 1947 in a seaport in the American state of Maine, far from what I was familiar with at the time, which was Chinese Buddhist monasticism, and I believe that this particular birth was the result of Meher Baba’s direct and personal intervention in my case. I guarantee you it had absolutely nothing to do with my personal wishes, tendencies, or existing functional capacities. I was 2.5 years old when Meher Baba started his New Life, which was his recapitualtion of my existing renunciate path in terms of the modern era and western culture.

I was born with a Moon-Saturn conjunction*, that is, I was born in the depth of the dreaded “Sade-Sati,” and at 66 years of age, I am one of a tiny minority of living human beings who has lived through three of these disasterous stages. My first Sade Sati was still in force when Meher Baba did this, and what the Sade Sati basically does is to enforce the kind of conditions that Meher Baba gave to his entire extended circle here. Either that, or you die. I did not choose to die from the Sade Sati that I was born into, or from the two that started at ages 23 and 51. I accepted the conditions. The proof of that is that I’m still alive and in good health. Meher Baba’s New Life is my way of connecting with him. This is the tenor of my whole life and what’s natural for me, and it is also virtually identical with the Buddha’s teaching of Renunciation, but brought up to speed with respect to how you can actually pull this off in today’s world.

*I have a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Pushya in the 12th house, one of the three first-class Moksha Karakas in my birth chart.

The following is quoted from: Lord Meher p. 3410-12.


Donkin read out the conditions in English, which Baba would clarify intermittently. Part of the conditions that would be binding on all those who accompanied Baba were as follows:

1. First and foremost, all those who accompany Baba must take it as an absolute and unqualified certainty that they will not receive even the slightest spiritual or material benefit, or indeed any benefit whatever. On the contrary, they must be prepared for every kind of disappointment and adversity.

2. If you are physically handicapped in any way, or if you have frail health, you should not accompany Baba, unless you are resolved to die. Medical, nursing and special care of any kind – mental or physical – should not be expected. On the contrary, Baba will expect you to take care of him.

3. You must be ready to join Baba on October 16th, 1949.

4. Baba might go from place to place on foot, or stay indefinitely at any place. Wherever he goes, or wherever he stays, you must be with him.

5. There will be no physical amenities except the following, when or if they are available: Some food, clothing, a minimum provision of bedding; a minimum provision of toilet necessities; a plate, a mug and a spoon.

6. In this New Life, you should not expect Baba to humor you or make any concessions to your weaknesses. On the contrary, Baba will expect you to humor him.

7. You should not expect that Baba will have his nazar upon you, or that he will perform miracles, or use his spiritual key to protect or save you from illness, danger, imprisonment, death or from difficulties and disasters of any kind. Indeed, Baba may become so utterly defenseless that he may be unable to help even himself.

8. You may believe Baba to be Avatar, God, Devil, or anything or anyone you please; but if you accompany him, you must understand that, although he may live among you as if he were Brother or Friend, he will, in fact, be your Master, whom you must obey absolutely.

Standing Orders for All Who Accompany Baba:

If you accompany Baba, you will have to obey certain general standing orders at all times.

These are:

1. You will not touch women.

2. You will not touch money, and you will not accept money from anyone or give it to anyone – even to Baba.

3. You will not discuss politics.

4. You will not express anger by word or deed to anyone, whatever the provocation, and you will not criticize anyone unfairly, either to their face or behind their back. Although you may at times feel anger in your mind, you must never express it by word or deed.

5. Without Baba’s permission, you will not go anywhere for any purpose, except for bathing, for drinking water and for calls of nature.

6. Without Baba’s permission, you will not eat any food or drink anything except water at any place at all. If, however, you are offered food or clothing, you may accept them, but must give them to Baba at the earliest opportunity.

7. You will tell no lies. Everything will be frank, clear and open. There will, for example, be no evasion of the truth if you are asked who you are, or who Baba is.

8. Neither Baba nor you will accept homage from anyone, nor will you deliberately create circumstances that might invite homage to Baba or to you. If, however, without your having invited it, homage is given to Baba or to you, it must be repaid, action for action, to the giver. Should Baba place his head on your feet or wash your feet, et cetera, this will be an order, and should neither be repaid nor considered as homage.

Extra Orders:

The above eight orders are standing orders that will apply to all who accompany Baba. If unconsciously or without meaning to do so, you break any of these eight standing orders, or any other order of his, Baba will forgive you, and he will not consider thoughts of lust, anger, greed, and so forth, as mistakes.

Over and above these eight standing orders, Baba may give you any order at any time, which you must obey. Such orders, however, will not be of a “spiritual” kind (for example, meditation or japa), and you must not expect to receive so-called spiritual instructions from him. You will have to obey any order Baba gives you, and you must understand that he might order you to do anything – good or bad.

He might order you, for example, to do anything to his own person, such as to spit upon him, to kick him, abuse him, et cetera, and you will have to obey such orders without hesitation.

Baba might also place his head on your feet or might wash your feet, and you must not object or hesitate or show any emotion, should he do things of this kind. Should you show the slightest objection, hesitation or emotion in any of these contingencies, he might send you away from him.


It must be clearly understood that although every condition and standing order listed in this communication is absolutely binding on all who decide to accompany Baba, Baba himself is not only not bound by any order or condition, but is also absolutely free for all time to give any order to anyone, and that such orders might change or even nullify any or all of the standing orders and conditions.

The one and only thing, however, in which Baba not only is not free, but deliberately binds himself, is regarding the first condition listed in this communication – to the effect that all who accompany Baba must take it as an absolute certainty that they will not receive the slightest benefit of any kind whatsoever, and that they must be prepared for every kind of disappointment and adversity. This condition will stand for all time and will never be changed or nullified by Baba.

It must, in addition, be absolutely clear that Baba will also never give any order that will absolve any of those who accompany him of their individual responsibility before God for any consequences that may follow. Thus, if you decide to accompany Baba, you must do it as an absolute certainty that the responsibility before God for each and every consequence rests for all time wholly and solely on you and you alone, and that Baba will never give an order that will change or nullify this responsibility.

It is possible that you may interpret this absolute freedom of Baba’s as an indirect indication that you may ask him at any time to change or nullify some condition or order. Let it therefore be clear that if, once you have given your decision to Baba that you will accompany him, you take any unfair advantage of Baba’s freedom and ask him to change or nullify any condition or order, this will be tantamount to changing your mind concerning your decision to accompany him.

You should read this communication very carefully, applying it point by point to your own circumstances, and arrive at an honest, clear and unequivocal decision which should take the form of a plain “Yes” or “No” – and nothing else.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai


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