The Endless Kalchuri Dynasty Party is SO Over!!!

Merwan Jessawalla is the younger brother of the late Eruch Jessawalla, Meher Babas’s Peter, i.e., the chargeman of his inner Circle of disciples. Merwan is very simple and unassuming, and although he was not a member of Meher Baba’s Circle like his brother, he spent his whole life under Meher Baba’s personal direction in His Indian community of relatives and devotees, and so he has a lot of memories about what actually went on around Meher Baba, and is utterly innocent of such cultural dysfunctions as the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” heresy, veiledism, The. (gag)Kalchuri. (barf)Dynasty, and Bhaucult.

Merwan Jessawalla is the absolute opposite from Bhau Kalchuri; he never went to college, but spent his life helping his family, under Meher Baba’s direct orders. He has no family of his own, and is as dry, honest, and simple as a monk. He actually is the only example I’ve ever encountered of someone who shows those elongated earlobes that you frequently see in East Asian representations of Buddhas and Buddhist patriarchs.

And it is Merwan Jessawalla who has emerged as the cultural bell-weather of the community here after the death of Bhauji. He never goes to either Ahmednagar or Meherabad but holds forth in Mandali Hall in Meherazad (frequently styled “Zad” anymore) on Tuesdays and Thursays. (Thursday aka Guruwar or “Guru Day” is literally the most sacred day in the Hindu week.)

Today was Thursday, and somebody spread the rumor that there would be a birthday party for Merwan at Zad today, even though his birthday actually falls tomorrow. But on arrival there, Merwan was there as usual, but there was zero evidence of a party. The party will actually be tomorrow, and it will actually be a normal birthday party, including only some relatives and close friends. It will absoutely not be the all-pilgrim, expensive, gaudy, noisy, politically motivated, stupid, exhausting, and unnecessary extravaganza that characterized every event in the life of every member of the Kalchuri Dynasty during Bhauji’s reign as Chairman.

Oh, and hey, did I mention STUPID yet?

What actually happens if you announce a party, and then don’t hold it? Well shucks, folks, in that case I purely do believe that you have simply killed the possibility of all such future parties.

What we talked about in Zad with Merwan today was Meher Baba’s New LIfe (1949-51), and I can’t imagine anything more divergent from normal behavior here under the Kalchuri Dynasty than Meher Baba’s New Life; it was the distilled essence of Radical Renunciation actually enacted, and yea, verily, I say unto thee, folks, it is actually the Buddhadharma brought up to real time. In His New Life, Meher Baba did for this age what the Buddha did for his: made final Renunciation of the world real, effective, possible, and noble.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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