The First Anti-Kalchuri-Dynasty Vrat has Begun (8 Apr 13)

Today is Krishna 13, two days before the dark (“new”) moon, the lunar angle on which I have vowed for several months already to start two-week fasts, for as many months as is necessary to obtain results, to these two ends:

1. Bhau Kalchuri’s resignation as the head of the “Kalchuri Dynasty,” and
2. Motormouth aka Mehernath Kalchuri’s resignation as a Trustee of AMBPPCT.

I am a Jyotishi, and the Vedic day starts at dawn, so at dawn today, but more specifically with Meher Baba’s Prayers and Aarti at 0700, the vrat was formally begun, I will take no solid food until Shukla 13. In general, I will subsist on water, tea, coffee, food suplements, anti-oxidants, electrolytes, and vitamins. I also know to keep my bowel clear with such things as psyllium seed, which has no food value.

I warned Bhau several times by email that I would do this, once in India, and once on my return to Hawaii. His response: redoubled tirades of abuse. However, by this time everyone already knows that Bhau has simply become an incorrigible drama queen who just doesn’t care what he says, as long as it gets attention. For example “I will die on March 15.” Hello? Dream-walkers? The guy is just a shameless agitator, and he does every single stroke of this simply to distract everyone from his shameless administrative irresponsibility.

I had several auspicious indications for the success of this vrat last night, after I finally set my intention for good and all:

1. I had a dream in which there was an annoying white chicken which was bugging me with increasing severity with its clucking, crowing, pecking, and entanglements with my belongings, its calls being answered by other chickens in the distance. I was pretending to be asleep, and it was getting increasingly close and annoying, just to see what it could get away with, and when it finally tried to fly, flapping and crowing outrageously, right over my body, I caught it and choked it, so that it puked up everything in its gut, a lot of white stuff that looked like farina. This chicken refers to a certain individual, but it is also, by the white color, an indicator of the moon, which symbolizes the human mass mind. Puking out its light means that the vrat, which is designed to control the growth of the pervasive idiocy at AMBPPCT during this lunation, will succeed.

Now that the perpetrator is in my possession, I will neither slay it nor let it escape nor feed it. I will hold it hostage until all those other witless chickens who love it, who are even more disorderly than it already is, are forced to come to me and negotiate for its release. And what are my conditions? Hello, wake up already, sleep-walkers! I have already mentioned them: Bhau must resign as the head of the Kalchuri Dynasty, and Motormouth must resign as a Trustee.

2. One hour later, now very close to midnight, Manija S. Irani appeared bright and clear, with a big smile and twinkling eyes, before my inner vision. She has never done that before, and it was clear that I finally managed to do something that makes Mani happy. I would do anything for that smile. Anything whatsoever. Anything at all.

Jai Meher Baba,

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