The Good News About Ebola

This article, and others on the same subject, have now been out for the better part of three days, and the western mainstream press, in its entirety, is ignoring them:


A Chinese drug manufacturer has sent an experimental Ebola drug to Africa for use by Chinese aid workers and is planning clinical trials there to combat the disease.

The company, Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group has supplied several thousand doses of its drug JK-05 to West Africa.

The Chief Operating Officer of the Group, Jia Zhongxin said more doses could be sent if needed.

The drug, approved in China for emergency military use only, was initially developed by AMMS.

If it proves to be an effective cure it would be a big prize for China’s medical sector and a boost to China’s soft power in Africa is said to have killed more than 4,000 people so far in West Africa.

Source: Yahoo news

Other sources have claimed, in so many words, that this drug cures ebola. We won’t know whether this works until the field trials are completed, but what we do know is that China is the only country that has had the common sense and administrative sanity to forthrightly and systematically seek a medical solution to the medical problem that is represented by ebola.

Meanwhile western governments and the western press alike continue to spin out of control with a lot of subjective extremism about “containment.” This bug cannot be contained. Asymptomatic carriers have already gone everywhere by hundreds. Everybody knows this, but nobody says it or writes it because of the amount of high-level funding that has backed the containment bullshit. It’s a vast administrative mind-f–k pure and simple. Containment was a false solution from the beginning. All it did was to make sure the bug stayed lethal, that no physician and no researcher had a real chance to find a cure for it, and that people were effectively punished for getting sick, by forcing them into hopeless and terminal isolation just at the time of their greatest need.

If I were God, I would let the Chinese be the ones to solve this crisis, just so the architects, and the funders, of the containment farce would be forced to eat Chinese dirt (让他们吃大华亏吧), every remaining day of their lives, until they too are forced finally to die in isolated shame, because that’s exactly what they deserve.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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