The Himalayas are no Longer Spiritual

The following is from: Lord Meher, p. 2276.

The Himalayas are no longer spiritual. Spiritually they are no more than masses of stone!

In the great universal game of the spiritual evolution of mankind, worked out personally by the hierarchy of great spiritual Sadgurus and the Avatar, the Himalayas or Mount Abu or the Nilgiris were once so highly spoken of, and recognized and revered by the world as the homes of great rishis and saints. It was called the land of the rishis – the abode of sages and saints. But now, they have no greater part to play in the work nor have any greater importance than huge heaps of rocks!

Man wants God but is given stone in the form of churches, temples, idols and images! They are now all corrupt! Considered once as places of worship, but they have turned into pitiable centers of business for their caretakers. The places of God’s prayer, worship and love have changed into centers of business!

Thus are the names of God and religion besmeared, bringing ultimately to humanity natural calamities such as plagues, pestilence, famines and other curses of nature with untold miseries on humanity in their wake. So, it is for this that the teaching of the Avatars and Sadgurus caution one not to give importance to such places and forms of worship. Their work is to diminish and destroy all these piles of stone which keep humanity away from God rather than draw it closer.

This came out of a discussion with members of his Mandali, including Elizabeth Patterson and Norina Machabaelli, about where to put a Spiritual Center to serve his world-wide devotees. Of course, said Center never materialized.

It follows that the hugely overbuilt temples that Fo Guang Shan has built in America are only forms of oppression, which has always been my intuition about them.

It also follows that the Chinese interpretation of Tibet, as a tourist attraction rather than the seat of spirituality, is correct. The Vajrayana is real enough, but you won’t find it in Tibet anymore. The majority of real Vajrayana actually now exists in America.

अवतार मेहेर बाबा की जाई । Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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