The Manonash Stage Begins – 16 Oct 51

((This is the last of the formal statments about the New Life, and its culmination in the Manonash stage, that are recorded in these Circulars. The Manonash work did in fact go on until early 1952, and was formally terminated, and dedicated to God, in a Dhuni fire at Meherazad, on 31 Jan 51, 18 years to the day before the Master’s final Mahasamadhi on 31 Jan 69.

The results of Meher Baba’s New Life and its culminating Manonash stage are left unstated, except by the record elsewhere, principally in Lord Meher of the “Fiery Free Life,” “Life,” and final renunciation and Universal Work stages that were subsequently engaged by Baba. Meher Baba subsequently returned to all of his previous activities in these stages, including travels in India and the West, Darshan programs, mast work, work with poor and lepers, and constant attention to innumerable individual cases, East and West, until all external activity was pre-empted by his Universal Work in seclusion towards the end of His life, and his Mahasamadhi in 1969. But to all of this he brought a new Divine Presence and a new capacity to scatter Divine Bliss everywhere, to an extent literally never seen before on this planet by any spiritual transmitter in general, or Avatar of God in particular.

A tiny compnent of all of that was the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” attitude, which has been fastened on, and obsessed on, by the Meher Baba Community, and therefore by the planet at large, to an extent that those four words have eclipsed Meher Baba’s real message – “I have come not to teach, but to Awaken” – in the consciousness of his Community and therfore in the human mass mind in general. Pursuant to that, the entire collective memory of what actually happened during Meher Baba’s New Life has effectively been erased from the ongoing activities of his Indian and world-wide communities. This false asana (position) must be corrected. – Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, 23 Feb 14))


Issued 16-10-1951.


To-day October 16, 1951, is the day of Baba’s beginning his four months’ work of Man-o-Nash. This work will end on February 16, 1952. During these four months, Baba will not contact any one of his old life disciples or Servants, except the six men who are to be with him.

Baba intends spending 28 days on a secluded hill near Hyderabad (Deccan) ((at a site now know as Meher Baba’s Manonash cave)). He intends spending the next 40 days in walking the distance from Hyderabad to the hill at Pimpalgaon; and then spending the last 56 days on Pimpalgaon hill ((now known as Seclusion Hill, Meherazad)).

The ladies who have been with Baba, and who are now at Hyderabad, will leave Hyderabad in the middle of December and stay at Nariman’s property at Pimpalgaon ((now called Meherazad)) for 3 months – paying Nariman Rs. 50/- per month, as rent.

Baba will not contact these ladies during his stay on Pimpalgaon hill, which will be completely secluded from the house and the garden below.

During the ladies’ stay at Pimpalgaon, Baba wants none of his old life men or women disciples or devotees to visit them.

As for any one being able to see Baba when he is on the Pimpalgaon hill – this is completely out of the question.

Baba orders every one of his old life disciples, and devotees, not to contact him on the Hyderabad hill or during his walking period or on the Pimpalgaon hill. Any one breaking this order, will be responsible before God, for having interfered with Baba’s work.

In concluding, Baba wants everyone to note again that he is free from all these fixed arrangements; and during these four months, he will act as he likes best, for the achievement of Man-o-Nash.


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