The Origin of the Meherabad Dhuni on the 12th of the Month

The following is quoted from: Lord Meher pp. 2739-41

When Baba returned to Meherabad (from Satara), he instructed the men mandali to again start lighting the dhuni every month from the 12th of December, 1941. The mandali thought this was perhaps for the purpose of bringing down rain since the dhuni had previously been lighted with that intent. But Baba explained, “This time the reason for igniting it is not for rain; it is for a certain definite purpose of my work.”

Soon after, they realized it may be connected with the war, which was about to take a turn for the worse. Baba continued to monitor daily news of the spreading conflict. The global situation in December of 1941 was dangerous and bleak. Everywhere the battered Allies, Britain, Russia and China stood on the defensive. Everywhere the Axis powers, Germany, Italy and Japan were triumphant.

Hitler controlled practically all of Western Europe and his armies had pushed hundreds of miles into Russia, which seemed on the point of collapse. Italy dominated the Mediterranean, and its legions were swarming across North Africa and threatening Egypt and the Suez Canal. The Japanese had subdued a large part of China and were now preparing to sweep across to the Philippines and advance toward India, Australia and Alaska.

Britain was torn and bleeding, battered ceaselessly from the skies and threatened with starvation. Russia was beaten to its knees, its cities and factories destroyed, its armies decimated. In December 1941, it seemed, as Baba had predicted, that “Germany and Japan would wind up with three-quarters of the globe at their feet.” America was still neutral – but that was about to change.

On December 7th, Pearl Harbor was attacked, and Japan declared war on America and Great Britain. Four days later, Germany declared war on America. The same day, Thursday, December 11th, Baba began fasting on water for a week, and informed all his lovers everywhere to fast on the 12th of December, on only one meal.

Meanwhile, Masaji had arrived from Pandharpur with two masts on December 7th, and Mother Shireen arrived the same afternoon from Poona. Five days later, Eruch and his family arrived in Meherabad from Bangalore.

On December 12th, Baba came down from Meherabad Hill at 6:45 P.M. and stood near the dhuni underneath the neem tree. The wooden Table Cabin of Baba’s previous seclusion had been moved there and his photograph had been placed on it.

In Baba’s presence, Gustadji knelt and kindled the dhuni without any arti being sung or anything else in the way of ceremony. Neither did Baba allow the mandali to take his darshan. Baba did, however, make some unusual remarks. Seeing Pleader he said, “You will see God!”

After a while Baba spelled on the board, “God will take darshan of God!” Then he added, “You – all of my mandali – will see God!”

After the dhuni had been lit, Baba immediately returned up Meherabad Hill. He had come down from the Hill completely covered with a white sheet and had taken his seat near the dhuni in the same way. Except for the mandali, no one else saw him, and he was conducted in like manner back up the Hill.

Baba ordered that from that day on, on the 12th of every month, the dhuni should be lit; and his order is accordingly obeyed to this day and will be into the future.

In the usual dhuni fire ceremony, you dedicate the fire by singing to God, and then you throw something, typically a stick of sandalwood, into the fire, with the intention that said stick represents some personal quality that you want to get rid of. This is a universal custom on this planet, and is done exactly the same way, in essence, by both Hindus and Native Americans. Essentially, any human being can light and use a dhuni; it’s genetically encoded wisdom for us. But the dhuni fire at Meherabad is the Mother of all Dhunis; it is the most effective, by far. And dhuni ash has medicinal qualitites.

In the previous pages of Lord Meher, Meher Baba had definitely made it absolutely clear that he had most deliberately and intentionally brought about WWII, for the purpose of purifying the negative karmas of the whole planet. And today, very little is left in our lifestyes that dates from before that war. When we use the Dhuni today, we must feel that its power to purify our karma and bring about a revolutionary change in us is of the same magnitude as that of WWII relative to the whole planet. And this dhuni should have particular importance for Americans, because it is directly associated with the entry of America into WWII, that is to say, the abandonment of our selfish isolationism as a whole nation.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai


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