Update on 46th Amartithi (31 Jan 15, Meherabad), from the Trust Chairman

Subject: Amartithi News from the Trust Chairman
Date:  Saturday, 3 January 2015

This is so important that I’m interrupting my vrat to post it. I am still blushing for shame of being late in sharing Shridar’s first invitation to come to Amartithi. I believe that this is the first time that there has been a truly public real-time announcement about Meher Baba’s Amartithi celebration, particularly with respect to numbers of attendees, and it’s an important precedent. It’s important for me personally because it tells me that I’m intuitively in alignment with our increasingly-beloved-through-time Chairman.

When I first started to interact with the Meher Baba Community online, something like eight years ago, Amartithi was being held in secret. Even the fact that it existed was being suppressed, because “We don’t want too many people.” I was absolutely infuriated by that attitude, and when I complained, guess what happened? I was viewed as a trouble-maker and a rebel. It was exactly this issue that started the habit of back-biting me among the die-hard hiders of that Community.

Meher Baba’s Manifestation happens in the mainstream, and it happens in public. Meher Baba is God, and God doesn’t hide. If we love God and belong to Him, we don’t hide either. Get used to it “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” renegades, and get used to it, world! Meher Baba is Most High God, and He came for you, in every single case of a human being without exception.

Jai jai Meher
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Jai Baba dear Family,

The most important event of the Meherabad Calendar—Beloved Baba's
 46th Amartithi—is fast approaching and preparations are in full 
swing. Since we have such a big gathering only once a year, we do 
not have permanent facilities. Instead, they have to be created 
and dismantled every year. That is why the work is to be started 
around October, when all of our Residents and Trustees begin 
planning and making preparations for various arrangements.

I am describing the preparations in detail this year to give you 
an idea of how much time, energy, thought, equipment and love goes 
into Meherabad’s celebration of the Eternal One. And I hope you 
will also get a parallel picture of the scope of financial 
responsibility the Trust undertakes to present an event befitting 
the Avatar.

A small township springs up at Meherabad during Amartithi.

This year we are expecting about 18,000 pilgrims from all over 
India to stay in Trust facilities i.e. hostels and tents. In 
addition some pilgrims will stay in private houses at Meherabad 
and also in hotels. Another 10,000 pilgrims will visit Meherabad 
only for the day on the 31st.

Pilgrims who stay in our facilities arrive on 30th January and 
leave on 1st February. Since the covered space for accommodation 
of these pilgrims is limited, we have to create additional space 
by erecting tents. To give you an idea as to how the pilgrims are 
accommodated, we provide 2' X 8' i.e. 16 sq.ft. to a pilgrim, 
barely enough to spread a small bedding and keep a bag. At times 
this space has to be further cut down. The pilgrims gamely accept 
all the inconvenience, including occasional rains, out of their Love 
for the Beloved.

The covered space in the four Hostels at Meherabad and a few 
shelters built at the New Education Site totals about 91,000 sq.ft. 
Additional temporary space of about 150,000 sq.ft. is created by 
erecting tents. In Meher Pilgrim Retreat over 300 pilgrims (against 
the normal capacity of 200) are accommodated by putting additional 
beds in the rooms.

A big Shamiana (Pandal) of about 43,000 sq.ft. is erected in the 
space between Beloved Baba's Tomb and the Amphitheater, where 
pilgrims gather to enjoy the various programmes such as Bhajans, 
Songs, Dances, Skits etc. offered by His Lovers. The programmes start 
in the afternoon on 30th January and continue till afternoon on 1st 

Space is given out to various people to put up stalls to sell food, 
flowers, Baba books, photos, lockets etc. While no money is charged 
for space, water or electrical power to the stall holders, the 
prices as well as the quality of the various articles sold is 
closely monitored.

The job of erecting the tents is contracted out, but the job of 
providing electrical lights, audio & video facilities, water 
and many other things is done by volunteers. Around 1200 volunteers
 from all over India and overseas, along with Resident Volunteers 
and Trust Staff, toil day and night from 28th January to 2nd 
February to provide various services like security, bath, 
drinking water, electricity, sanitation, monitoring stall holders, 
traffic, etc., as well as manning the Samadhi Darshan queue and then 
helping to dismantle some of the temporary structures after 1st 

The most important event of the Amartithi is the Silence observed 
for 15 minutes from 12 O'clock Noon on the dot to 12:15 on 31st 
January, when our Beloved dropped His Physical Form to live 
forever in our hearts. It is a sight to behold the gathering of 
thousands sitting for 15 minutes in pin drop silence. The only 
sounds that are heard are the chirping of birds, whistling of the 
wind and an occasional cough or a child's cry or hooting of train 

Beloved Baba's Samadhi is open for Darshan throughout from 6 a.m. on 
30th January to 8 p.m. on 1st February. Darshan Tokens are issued 
for Darshan on 31st January and Pilgrims take Darshan in batches of 
500, to avoid standing in the darshan line for more than 2 hours.

Even though many of you will not be physically present for Amartithi 
at Meherabad, you can still have the pleasure of watching the same 
through the Internet.

I hope this letter has given you a glimpse into the massive 
effort—physical, mental, emotional and financial—which the Trust puts 
forth each year to observe and celebrate His Eternal Presence in our 

Wishing you all a Happy and Meherful New Year,

In His Love,


Shridhar is a jewel – vshr.


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