Vishveshwar (30 Mar 12)

In the midst of all the other stuff that has been flying around, Bhauji and I have been able to agree on something significant: he did actually give me the name of a Hindu diety on the island of Kauai in the early ’90’s, it’s just that I mis-spelled it. The name he gave me was Vishveshwar, not Viveshwar. That is a huge error, when it comes to the name of a diety.

So this whole time Bhau has been not recognizing me, not only failing to address me by that name, but either giving me a different frivilous name every time he sees me, or simply calling me “you” and pointing. But now, after I gave up on the whole relationship and got in his face about everything whatsoever, it’s clear that he remembered what happened, and now he never calls me anything but this name, and has told me repeatedly that I should use it. So OK, this is now my name. It’s more orthodox to accept a name from someone else than to invent your own name. Bhau and I essentially belong to the same religion because Hinduism and Buddhism are not different, and if he gives me this Dharma name, then nothing can finally supplant it.

Researching this, I came up with a couple of images of temples which shed some light on the meaning of this name. It’s essentially an appellation of Lord Shiva (God the Destroyer).

(click image to enlarge)

The litany of dieties involved with the Vishveshwar Mahadev Temple proves that Bhauji is right: this name is perfect for me. Those dieties are exactly the ones that I am most connected to: Lord Shiva first, then the Goddess Durga (the protector diety of Mother India), then Lord Vishnu (God the Preserver), then Lord Ganesh (the patron diety of astrologers). Since Ganesha is Lord Shiva’s son, this is undoubtedly the name of a Shaivite, with added attractions. A Shaivite is a renunciate, what he destroys is ignorance, first of himself, then of others. This is the fastest and most difficult spiritual path (see the Dnyan Yoga section in Series 11 of Infinite Intelligence for details.)

Thank you, Bhauji.
Your Vishveshwar


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