Why I Think that Bhau Kalchuri’s Time to Chat may be Over (26 Jul 13)

((Editing on 8 Feb 14 – This opinion, published more than three months before Bhauji passed away, turned out to be true. Bhau never again chatted after this was published on 26 Jul 13. At the time, it was the subject of loud and massive poo-pooing by Bhaucult, which insisted on chatting without Bhau in the hope that he would be so induced to join them. Some of them are still chatting to this day to each other about both Bhau and me, and may do that forever, and so be it. Far be it from me to argue with what some people are destined to do with their entire lives, no matter what it means, and no matter who may want it or not want it. -vshr))

Bhau, although his health is gradually improving, once again will not be able to make his appointed chat session this week. The communicated assumption is that when he gets well enough, he will once again start to chat, and I doubt it, for these reasons.

1. It should be clear that we’re into an end game with Bhau Kalchuri. He has literally been saying for years that he wants to die, but then somehow something puts it off. But I think we need to take him at face value. He’s lived long enough, and he really needs to go home to Baba now. Really. This kind of long severe diseased state that he’s been going through recently, even if improving, is entirely dangerous for someone of his age and medical history. He is quite likely to be gone on any given day or night, even in the middle of an improving trend.

2. Sanskaras in a Circle member just don’t work like sanskaras in ordinary human beings, because they don’t create ANY fresh sanskaras to take their place. This makes their dynamics much less predictable. Bhau has been chatting because, unlike other Mandali of Meher Baba, he simply has had those sanskaras. But all sanskaras have a finite mass, and when they’re used up, that motivation is simply gone from the mind. The activity they engendered doesn’t evolve into anything similar, in the case of a Circle member. I feel that Bhau has reached the end of his need to chat.

3. What sustains the Circle member of an Avatar or Perfect Master is the mutual love between that person and that Master. It is simply not true, as has been routinely assumed in these communications about Bhau, that he is being sustained by our love. It helps US to love Bhau, but let us not be deluded about the fact that our love doesn’t sustain him. God’s love sustains him. In my opinion, Meher Baba has been sustaining Bhau Kalchuri in his physical form for many years because Bhau has not yet completed his work for Him, and that Bhau Kalchuri will not be allowed to die by Meher Baba, until he does that. And what is the work to which I refer? Chat? I don’t think so. Chat has been Bhau’s personal sanskaras burning off. I think that at this point the only thing keeping Bhau Kalchuri in his physical body is his ongoing failure to dispose of the institutional mess that has been created by the thoroughly inappropriate and dysfunctional lumping together in AMBPPCT of the personal interests of his family, together with Meher Baba’s universal (rather than personal) intentions in the Trust that he established. This is also about Bhau’s sanskaras, and these too will burn off leaving nothing behind. They are the last to go because they are the deepest. But when they finally do go, Bhau will be able to act in this matter and clear out this institutional mess.

Therefore, when Bhau gets well enough to take care of business again, which I am SURE is destined by God to happen, this institutional hairball is what he should attend to, because that is what will allow him to die in peace and go to Baba. I hope that when that time comes, Bhau will have enough clarity to see this and act effectively and forthrightly therein. And what should he do? I don’t know because I’m not the Circle member, and I’m not the Chairman. All I know is that this is the issue that Bhau must handle to go on, and he must do it his own way by his own lights, otherwise it simply won’t stick. I’m already doing whatever I can do about it. which I consider my duty because I see this need so clealry.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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