Worldwide Baba Family Chat Sample Newsletter – 23 Jun 16

        Worldwide Baba Family Chat/Meeting Team 
        Jun 23 at 3:16 PM


Subject: Worldwide Meher Baba Family Chat/Meeting
In the Spirit of Oneness
Originating from Meher Nazar
Sunday, 26th June 2016
Date: Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

and please forward this notice to anyone who may be interested

You are lovingly invited to the weekly Worldwide Meher Baba Family Internet Chat/Meeting from Meherabad – this week from Meher Nazar in Ahmednagar!

SUNDAY, 26th JUNE 2015
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. India time (This week only – next week 5-8 pm)

The pilgrim season in Meherabad has begun!

Hostel D opened on 25th May, and Meher Pilgrim Retreat opened on 15th June.

We’ll celebrate our Worldwide Meher Baba Family Chat-Meeting reunion after a long break of three months this Sunday, 26th June.

And please welcome Meher Baba Worldwide Family Chat Meeting Team’s new corresponding secretary, Anna. Bhau had her nicknamed “Queen of New York from Chicago.” Anna lived in Meherabad for many years, and has been an integral member of the Chat/Meeting team since its beginning. Please contact her for all updates, changes and deletion of your email address at: Meherabadworld *at* gmail *dot* com


On Sunday 26th June 2016, Rama Kalchuri and Mehernath Kalchuri will be our guests. As many of you know, Rama was called by Meher Baba to live at Meherabad a few years after her husband, Bhau Kalchuri, joined Him at Meherazad as one of His intimate Mandali. In 1958, she left a comfortable life on her aristocratic father’s estate to live in the Meherabad Family Quarters with her two young children, Sheela and Mehernath.

Their treasure was to live in close and frequent contact with Beloved Baba, under His direct orders, for the rest of their lives – at Meherabad, Meherazad, Guruprasad and Meher Nazar.

Rama will share some stories of her life with Baba, of cooking and singing for Him, and of learning how to obey and love Him more and more.

Mehernath will tell stories of his childhood growing up in Meherabad, Ahmednagar, and at Guruprasad with Meher Baba as his real “Father.” He may relate some humorous tales of the mandali or regale us with couplets from spiritual poets who sing of love for God.

We welcome Skype visitors from about 6:15 onwards….please greet Rama and Mehernath, ask questions, sing for us, or share the news of your recent Sahavases or local Baba gatherings.

You are invited into the cozy office of Mehernath Kalchuri at Meher Nazar in the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Compound. (Next week, back to Zahra’s house at Meherabad.) All are welcome. Tea will be served; snacks at the interval!

You can watch the webcast and/or join the text chatroom from anywhere in the world using the following links.




Please add this name to your Skype contacts list if you wish to be called. Also send your Skype account name to: meherabadworld*at*gmail *dot* com

Our meeting opens at 5:00 p.m. with prayers and songs. The guest speaker usually talks and takes questions from about 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 /7:00 p.m. After a break for refreshments, we have time for Skype interactions and news, stories, comments and questions from around the world.

Send email to Meherabadworld *at* gmail *dot* com: And put Subscribe, Unsubscribe or Change in Subject line.

To protect our subscribers, all email as from newshivalist*at* jaibaba*dot will have Baba’s name in some form in the subject line. If the email does not, PLEASE DELETE IMMEDIATELY.

If you would like to be added to the transcript mailing list, please send an email to: Meherabadworld *at* gmail *dot* com with “Transcript Mailing List” in subject line.

Email MeherabadWorld *at* gmail *doti com


We are now using a commercial streaming webcast service. Registration is required, and although there is a commercial at the beginning and a few commercials interspersed throughout, the broadcast stream audio and video quality is usually extremely high.
Note: we hope to upgrade soon to a commercial-free service.

To register, click on
Click on Log in/Sign Up on right top of screen.
On the right bottom of the screen will be the message, “If no account, sign up.” Select option:
“To sign in with email or user name.”
[DO NOT select the “Faster” option to sign in with Facebook. This seems to block the Chatroom, making it impossible to follow the text transcription.].

Once you are registered, for the Worldwide Baba Family channel, go to

TO LOG ON, Click on:
Or, copy and paste URL into your browser
Follow the instructions on the Welcome to the Worldwide Baba Family Meeting from Meherabad home page:
1. Nickname: Type the name that you want to use in the chat room.
2. Text Color: Choose a color for your messages. The default is black.
3. [Join Chat]: Just click this button to enter the chat room!
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5. Whenever you wish to post a message to the chat, type your message in the box, then press Enter (or click Update). Messages appear on the screen in reverse order.
NOTE: This chat is logged, and any rude behavior can result in the user being permanently banned from the chat room.

If you receive the error message:
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You can join us via Skype at our new account. Our new Skype name is: meherabadworld.meeting. Please add this address to your Skype contacts if you wish to join us in this way.
Note: even if you were a regular Skype contact during the Bhau Chats, please re-send your Skype account name to Meherabadworld *at* gmail *dot* com


UPDATED SKYPE INSTRUCTIONS: After you sign onto Skype, please wait for the Chat Team to call you. PLEASE DO NOT CALL US – It causes serious interruption during the Chat. Once you logged onto Skype, we can see that you have signed in. But we do not know whether your computer has simply been turned on or if you actually seated in front of the computer and are ready for a Skype-Video-Call. Therefore, please send us a Skype TEXT message to let us know that you are ready for a Skype call.

TO SEND A SKYPE TEXT MESSAGE: In the main Skype screen, click on: meherabad.meeting.
You will see a little icon that reads: SMS. Click on this SMS icon. Then type “I am [your name], and I am Skype-able.” (Please do not type anything else.) Press ENTER (or Click the little blue Message icon at the right of the text window). If you can’t send a Skype message, please send a message through the text chat. You do not have to do anything further until we call you. DO NOT CLICK ON THE “VIDEO CALL” or “CALL MOBILE” icons at the top of the screen. WE WILL CALL YOU.

When you receive the TONES and FLASHING icon that indicates we are calling you, THEN click on the VIDEO CALL icon at the top of the screen.

WAITING TIME: There may be a few moments while you are waiting for us to finish with someone else. During that time, the sound from the Chat Room will be muted. While you wait, you may see the host team on the Webcast and continue reading the text Chat

THE NEXT STEP IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – When your Skype picture moves to the host team IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF YOUR WEBCAST! (Otherwise there is audio interference). You can now TALK & LISTEN to all of us in Zahra’s house! After we hang up, you can resume watching the Webcast.

INTERNATIONAL TIMINGS: (An updated international timings chart will be sent soon – to match the new India timing of 5 pm to 8 pm. US Eastern Standard Chat time is 7:30 to 10:30 AM. Pacific Daylight time US 4:30 AM to 7:30 AM. UK 12:30 to 3:30 pm. Australia 9:30-12:30 pm.

In Baba’s Love,
Meher Baba Worldwide

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