Keep Silence Day on July 10

This is a particularly good year, I feel, to observe the beginning of Meher Baba’s 44-year Silence, from 1925 to his Mahasamadhi on 31 Jan 1969. I have written something about it here.

Meher Baba also said,

“Mind stopped is God. Mind working is man. Mind speeded up is mad man.”

Now the entire world has gone mad with speeded up verbalization, and this is most definitely the pride before the fall. Mind comes and mind goes. The world comes and the world goes. The only thing worth focusing on, or even noticing, in the midst of constant and now tumultuous change, is exactly nothing but God. Begin the day with God. End the day with God. Live in His Divine Presence, and simply forget the mad world.

Meher Baba often enjoined his followers to keep silence on His Silence Day, and failing that, to fast on tea. It’s excellent renunciate practice, and it’s especially beneficial for those who are not renunciates by nature. Anything that reminds us of God’s latest Avatar is superior spiritual practice.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva 7 Jul 17

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